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Updated by Andrej Gajdoš on Feb 04, 2024
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Freelancing, Startups and Software Engineering

Articles about Freelancing, Startups, Software Engineering and Web Development.

The Toolkit of a Freelance Full Stack Web Developer

I am a freelance full stack web developer and I want to share with you which tools help me to build optimized web applications and custom websites.

Authenticating Users in SPA using Node, Passport, React and Redux

Tutorial on how to build a user authentication in a single page application with Node, React, Redux and Koa combined with Passport. We will implement local authentication, where users can log in using an email and passport, and authentication with Facebook, which can be used with other social networks and OAuth providers.

How to Create a Custom Select Dropdown using HTML, CSS and JavaScript

A post on how to create a custom select dropdown using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Should you build it from scratch or use third-party library? More info in article.

How to Hire a Freelance Front End Developer

A freelance front-end developer needs to have a wide array of skills and experience to deliver the desired outcome. I am a freelance developer and this is a blog post on how to hire a freelance front-end developer.

How to Create a Link Preview: The Definite Guide [Implementation and Demo Included]

The whole strategy of creating link previews, including implementation using open-source libraries in node.js. The whole solution is released as npm package.

Freelance React Developer's Checklist [Infographics and Free Email Template]

I created this checklist for freelance React developers, but project managers or graphic designers who work closely with developers can benefit from this resource too.

Orchestrating animations with Framer Motion in React.js [Step By Step Tutorial with Examples]

Tutorial on how to orchestrate animations with Framer Motion in React.js projects. Learn how to implement animations in a declarative and imperative way.

30 Powerful Chrome Extensions for Freelance Web Developers

This is a list of Chrome plugins for freelance web developers. Find out plugins that help you to deliver pixel perfect websites and make you more productive

The Difference Between an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and a Prototype: The Strategy Closest to Product Market Fit

This is a comprehensive blog post on differences between an minimum viable product (mvp) and a prototype. Learn how to choose the best approach.

How to Build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product): The Definitive Guide

This is the most comprehensive guide on how to build an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). In this in-depth blog post you will learn everything about tools for building MVP, from what you need to know before you start building MVP to building landing page for MVP to technologies which help you to streamline the development process.

React Class Components vs Functional Components with Hooks: A Never Ending Story

A comparison between React class components vs functional components with hooks and what you need to know before start using React hooks.

Wrong Component Composition in React.js Projects [Case Study on Why Software Projects Fail] - Andrej Gajdos

Case study of component composition in React projects. Examples from past projects of wrong component compositions and how to avoid it and fix it.

CSS Modules vs CSS-in-JS vs Atomic CSS: Which One to Choose for Your React.js Project? - Andrej Gajdos

CSS Modules vs CSS-in-JS vs Atomic CSS in React.js projects. Pros and cons of styling approaches based on the type of the project, developers’ team experience, and workflow.

How to keep front-end project and design system in sync [Case Study on Why Software Projects Fail]

A case study on how to keep in sync your front-end project and design system by configuring linting tools Stylelint and ESLint.

My Journey From a Freelance Developer to a Fractional CTO - Andrej Gajdos

How I moved from freelance developer to tech lead roles such as software architect, Tech Lead, and fractional CTO.

Effortless Typescript Type Sharing Between React and Node.js - Andrej Gajdos

The easiest way to share Typescript types between React and Node.js projects. This guide provides techniques to optimize API development.

A Leaflet Developer's Guide to High-Performance Map Visualizations in React

Discover the nuances of building high-performance map visualisations in React from an experienced Leaflet developer's perspective.

Unlock the secrets to selecting the best feature flags platform. Get expert insights and strategies tailored for software architects and developers alike.