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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 10, 2020
Headline for Things we wish we knew before we went to the Maldives – Tips to keep in mind to prevent unnecessary hassle
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Things we wish we knew before we went to the Maldives – Tips to keep in mind to prevent unnecessary hassle

The Maldives is one of the most luxurious and popular holiday destinations on the planet! But before you begin your holiday here are some essential facts to keep in mind to ensure you have a hassle-free vacation.


Be aware of what you bring into the Maldives

You cannot bring alcohol to the Maldives, any alcoholic beverages purchased at the duty-free has to be left behind at the customs. This rule also applies to pork products, tobacco products without a health warning, and any non-Islamic religious texts/objects. You will be able to collect them on your return journey. Importantly you cannot buy or drink alcohol on some state-owned inhabited islands either. However private island resorts are licences to serve foreigners. If this is important to you ensure your accommodation is licensed to serve alcoholic beverages.


Safe drinking water

Be aware of where your water comes from. Avoid drinking water straight off the tap as its safety cannot be guaranteed. Drinking unsafe water could lead to diarrhoea and other unpleasant illnesses. Ensure water quality by opting for boiled or bottled water. In resorts, of course, this will not be a problem, but be wary when travelling to the capital or other islands! Make it a point to carry plenty of safe potable drinking water with you.


There are certain strict rules and regulations

This will depend on where you will be staying. Private island resorts allow many things not accepted in Male or other populous islands falling under the government. However, if you are travelling to such islands and Male or staying in them abide by the rules at all times. Be modest in your dress and abstain from any form of public display of affection. Women cannot wear bathing suits and have to keep their arms, shoulders and knees covered. Be mindful of what you wear when you arrive at the airport as well, though the Maldivian government is quite tolerant of tourists at the airport, dress modestly until you reach your private resort.


Mosquito-borne diseases

Mosquito-borne diseases such as Dengue or Chikungunya are prevalent during the monsoon but of course uncommon in private island resorts. Depending on the period of travel and where you are staying bring along a good supply of mosquito repellents and wear long-sleeved protective clothing.


Peak/ off-peak seasons

Get to know the best times to visit according to your preferences. The peak season for travellers is during early December and March. The Maldives experiences the monsoon rains from June to August, with heavy and scattered rain throughout the period. On the upside, off-season means more affordable accommodation. Many Maldives 5 star resorts such as the likes of The Residence Maldives by Cenizaro offers discounts during off-peak seasons. If you are an avid surfer, the off-peak time is the best time to visit, as there is drastically significant wave activity during this time. April, May, September and October are good months to visit. During peak seasons, December onwards majority of travellers will venture towards the islands so know that hotels and resorts will increase their rates around this time.