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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 10, 2020
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5 Thai drinks you must try in Bangkok – Fist pump and mingle

Needless to say, Thailand is well known for its diverse varieties of scrumptious food from royal-like high Thai cuisine to street food. It has no exception with the range of delicious Thai drinks you find here. Try out these drinks to beat the heat and quench your thirst.


Cha Yen

Known the world over as Thai iced tea, this sweet creamy beverage is adored by many leisure travellers who visit Thailand. It's usually served as an orange, milky traditional tea. Once you taste this creamy drink, you will hardly come across a drink more refreshing than this. Its sweetness and friendly flavour coupled with its charming aroma will certainly raise your spirits. You can easily find Cha Yen in any part of Thailand. Whether you are staying a resort or a family room hotel in Bangkok the likes of Pathumwan Princess Hotel, you can savour a delicious Cha Yen drink.



Oliang or iced coffee in Thailand is similar to Americano. This traditional drink has a flavoursome taste with its mix of coffee and many other ingredients. It can also be caramel, rice roasted with coffee beans. Once brewed in a coffee filter, you can add sugar and ice to the hot black coffee. If you need to make it milkier, add a little bit of milk which will turn to Café Boran. Most of the locals love to have Café Boran for breakfast with Potongo and porridge. While having a leisurely stroll along the streets, don't forget to buy this Thai coffee from a motorcycle food cart or a street shop.


Nom Yen

Have you ever tasted iced milk with syrup? This is indeed a creative drink introduced by Thai people. Isn't it better to add a little amount of colourful syrup rather than just drinking a cup of hot milk? This colourful and fancy drink comes as 'Nom Yen'. This drink is very popular among teenagers and kids and among those who do not like to consume any kind of caffeine drinks. Thai people usually enjoy Nom Yen with a Kaya dipping and steamed bread.


Thai beer

What better way to end a hectic day than having a glass of beer on a rooftop bar? When in Thailand, you should not miss trying out some of its top beer brands such as Singha, Leo, and Chang. Don't be surprised if you are served with a glass of ice when you are at a bar. In fact, it is the best way to beat Southeast Asian heat. Out of many beer brands, 'Singha' is quite expensive, and many Europeans love to have it.


Thai whiskey

Sangsom and Mekhong are two popular whisky brands in Thailand. Prices are relatively cheap and therefore, it is famous among backpackers and partygoers. Despite being called whisky, Thai whisky is made out of 5% of rice, 95% sugarcane and molasses. If you do not like Thai whisky, there are many imported whiskeys such as Johnnie Walker.

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