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Harlem Extended Medical Care

We deliver a full range of top-quality health solutions and medical care in New York, New York, that are structured around each patient’s individual needs.

Four Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

The heart is said to be the pumping station of our body, the center machine of the system to keep life going. With an unhealthy lifestyle, our heart is being compromised with different kinds of diseases, putting lives at risk.

Why Regular Check-Ups Are Important

“Health is Wealth,” says a common phrase. We only have one life and we make the best out of it. To do more, it is important to be very particular with our health. When our body is compromised, we are being limited to do what we want.

Overall Wellness for Men and Women

Men and women have biological and physiological differences that are vital in their health. Thus, to make sure that all patients can achieve and maintain their optimal well-being, physicians provide a variety of services specifically for women’s and men’s health

Helping You Feel Younger and Even More Beautiful

Women deserve to look and feel their best regardless of their age. You can never be too young or too old to feel beautiful. Physicians and other health professionals also believe that the best way to feel most confident and content with yourself is to hone your beauty inside and out.

Make the Most Out of Your General Annual Checkup with These Tips

An annual general checkup is a must, regardless of age and gender. With this service, you’ll have the opportunity to avail of consultations and other essential medical care in New York, New York to boost your health and your loved ones’. This is important because this will let you know if you’re still at the peak of your health.

Care for the Elderly Ladies! Help Them Avoid These Conditions

Some age-related health conditions are true for both men and women. But there are also problems that are more common in women than in men.

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Maintain a Quality Life

Your lifestyle choices are important if you want to live a healthier life. As a provider of internal medicine in New York, we want to provide preventive care tips that will help set you on a path to improved health. Here are our top four recommendations: