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Healing Crystal Guide

Crystals and Stones provide energy tools to enhance and support spirituality as well as your emotional well-being.

Agate Healing Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Jewelry

Agate healing crystal takes its name from the Achates River in Sicily, Italy where the stone is found. Agate metaphysical properties have the power of helping you to increase self-acceptance. To carry the stone on your body, check out our agate pieces of jewelry.

Alexandrite Healing Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Healing Power and Jewelry

Alexandrite healing crystal was first found in the Ural mountains. The stone's healing power is known that bringing good omens and luck. Alexandrite jewelry helps you strengthens intuition, increase creativity and imagination.

Amazonite Healing Crystal and Stone; Properties, Meaning and Benefits

Amazonite healing stone takes its name from the Amazon River. Amazonite crystal boosts your confidence and communication skills. Carry this stone on your throat chakra to balance your emotions.

Healing Amber Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Jewelry

Amber is a solidified tree resin that had fossilized for millions years. Amber stone has a strong connection to mother Earth. It cleanse and purify all the body chakras. To reactivate your chakras, you can use amber jewelry as a beautiful accessory.

Healing Amethyst Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Price

Amethyst's mean is "not intoxicated". The healing effect of Amethyst crystal is to help digestion and endocrine system. Amethyst stone also keeps body chakras open which keeps the energy flowing through the whole body.

Healing Angel Aura Quartz - Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Jewelry

Angel Aura is composed of clear quartz that is molecularly bonded with platinum. The healing properties of Angel Aura includes stimulating the immune system and keeping the balance between body and soul.

Healing Apatite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties, Jewelry

Discovered in 1786, Apatite stone has its name from the Greek word "Apate" which means "to deceive". If you feel weakened or fatigue, Apatite stone opens belly chakra and clear away confusion.

Healing Aragonite Crystal and Stone; Properties, Benefits and Beliefs

Aragonite stone is a calcium carbonate form which is coming from sea creatures. The Aragonite is a powerful reminder of the beauty of the natural world by increasing stability with the base chakra.

Healing Aquamarine Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Price

Aquamarine stone takes its name Greek word "aqua marina" which means "seawater". They believed that the stone comes from mermaids' treasure chest. Aquamarine stone heals inflammatory diseases and helps to get rid of anger and fear.

Healing Aventurine Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Jewelry

Aventurine stone is known as "stone of Amazons". The reason for that name is the belief that aventurine stone was mined by Amazonian warriors. This stone brings good fortune to those who carry it on the body.

Healing Azurite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Jewelry

According to beliefs, Azurite stone is originated from the lost city Atlantis. That is why it is called "stone of Heaven". Azurite stone has the power of awakening spiritual awareness. It also has healing effects on the body.

Healing Barite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Proporties and Beliefs

Barite name is coming from the Greek which means heavy. Barite stone is an inorganic compound and carries high density. It's clear the blockages third eye and crown chakras.

Healing Black Tourmaline Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Jewelry

Black Tourmaline stone takes its name from the term "thoramalli". Containing a formation of interlocked crystals, Black Tourmaline stone protects psychology by absorbing the negative energy.

Healing Blue Kyanite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Price

Kyanite which takes its name from "cyan" means a shade of dark blue. Blue Kyanite stone increases honest communication by helping to find mindfulness.

Healing Carnelian Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Beliefs and Properties

Carnelian term comes from cornel cherry that is physically similar to the Carnelian stone. The stone benefits to improve the analytical skills and pragmatism of the person who wears Carnelian on the body.

Healing Citrine Quartz Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Jewelry

Citrine stone takes its name from Roman culture. It is the symbol of wealth and opulence. Citrine stone helps to live a full life by providing a formula of happiness which includes good health, intelligence and confidence.

Healing Clear Quartz Crystal and Stone; Intentions, Properties and Jewelry

Clear Quartz Crystal is known as the master healing stone. It helps to avoid negative feelings by increasing the ability to laugh, love and patience. To regulate the energy of the body carries this stone as an accessory.

Healing Fluorite Crystal Stone; Color, Meaning and Benefits

Fluorite stone takes its name from the Latin word "flow". This crystal is a symbol of connection with the spirit world that enhances the third eye chakra. Meditating with Flourite stone increase creativity and reduce stress.

Healing Garnet Crystal Stone; Uses, Benefits and Beliefs

Garnet stone is using as a famous jewelry and healer since Late Ancient Romans. It has a high energy from the spiritual world which activates power intensity on the heart chakra.

Healing Iolite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Price

Iolite has been used to gain the power of imagination for centuries. Used in a shamanic journey, Iolite crystal links the mind and heart chakra. This stone is the most powerful way of awakening spiritual senses.

Healing Lapis Lazuli Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Color

In Latin, lapis means "stone" and lazuli means "blue" that comes from "lazulum". This term had used for luxuriousness in antique civilizations. Lapis Lazuli stone vibrates the spirit high frequency and opens you up the possibilities of improving your life.

Healing Malachite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Jewelry

Malachite stone takes its name from Greek term molochites lithos which means "mallow-green stone". Used as a protective amulet, Malachite stone absorbs the toxins that include electromagnetic pollution.

Healing Pyrite Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Benefits and Uses

Pyrite stone was called "fools gold" centuries ago for it is mistaken for gold. Pyrite stone is a protective stone that serves those who need more luck in life.

Healing Rose Quartz Crystal and Stone; Meaning, Properties and Jewelry

Rose Quartz stone historically, was used for carving or tool making. Marie Curie used it to send frequent electric signals as well. Rose Quartz helps to relieve those who are emotionally in pain.

Healing Obsidian Crystal and Stone; Properties, Benefits and Uses

Obsidian is a cooled igneous and used as sharp tools in ancient. Obsidian stone is seen as a reflection of the dark side in the soul and using for transformation by meditating.