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Animation Tips & Tricks

Animation tips, guides, and tricks we learned from our own experience and discovered after research.

How to Create a Puppet in Adobe Illustrator?

A step by step guide to turning a static illustration into a puppet for Adobe Character Animator. Download a free template with the right hierarchy and properly named layers.

How to Open and Animate a Puppet Without Buying Adobe Character Animator

Performer Mode is a free version of Adobe Character Animator that allows you to use the puppets in live streams or recordings without rigging or modifying them.

How to Make Your Puppet Walk in Adobe Character Animator

Add custom walk cycles to your puppets without animating it. How to prepare the puppet for walking? How to add and customize puppet walking behavior?

How to Make Arms Go in Front of and Behind a Character Face in Adobe Character Animator

How to make your character move his arms in front and behind the face? How to accomplish it without creating extra artwork? How to easily switch between those two modes? Learn here these Adobe Character Animator techniques.

How to Easily and Quickly Lip Sync Your Character?

Make your character talk by following these easy steps. With the help of a character animator, the lip-syncing animation process can be completely automated.

How to Make Character Emotions More Expressive in Animation

How to convey emotion in animation? Why emotion is important? How to use facial expressions and body gestures to make characters more expressive?

How to Create a Puppet in Adobe Illustrator

This video demonstrates the workflow of turning a character illustration into a puppet for Adobe Character Animator. What artwork do you need to prepare? Which hierarchy and naming conventions it should follow? How to use a "blank" puppet template to make the process faster.

How to Add Moving Backgrounds in Adobe Character Animator

A simple 7 step process for creating a moving background and foreground for your character to walk through. [+ Download Free Interactive Environment].

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How to Add Moving Backgrounds in Adobe Character Animator

How to Use Pre-Recorded Videos to Animate Your Puppets?

Did you know you can control your puppets face not only with your own live behavior but also with pre-recorded videos? Follow this simple 6 step process and your puppets will be animated using video recordings.

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How to Make and Animate Expressive Eyes in Adobe Character Animator?

The correct hierarchy for simple and advanced eye rigs in Adobe Character Animator. Different ways to make your puppet blink and why it is important. Everything about eyelids, pupil controls, masks, pupil size changes, and more.

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