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Tips for Finding Vegan Food in Vietnam - Staying completely vegan

With more people in the world opting to go vegan now, it will not be hard to find vegan food when you are on a holiday at places like Vietnam too.


About veganism in Vietnam

If you ask the locals of the country about vegan places, they might not even believe that there are vegan restaurants found in their own place. But contrary to popular belief, veganism was a huge deal in Buddhism back in the day but now only the monks and the holiest of people follow it. This trend is changing slowly as the younger generation of Vietnam is embracing a vegan diet for both environmental and health reasons. Considering the nature of the staple food in Vietnam, it might be hard to avoid milk, eggs, fish sauce and soy sauce, but if you are a vegan who is planning on going on a holiday to a place like that, here are some things you must keep in mind if you are going to be exploring the restaurants in Hoi An, Vietnam.


The holidays of Vietnam

Most of the Buddhists who practice and live in Vietnam go completely vegan twice or thrice a month. These days usually fall on the full moon day of the month or when there is no moon in the sky. On these days, most of the vegan restaurants found in the area will be packed with the locals. If you are used to eating at Art Space Hoi An, for instance, and find it usually pleasant and silent on the other days, on these two days it is going to be packed to the brim, even more than the fast-food stalls on the street.


Visit the temples

Buddhist temples in this country are unique in such a way that they have restaurants found right inside the temple. These restaurants are obviously vegan so they will be your new best friend during your vacation or holiday in Vietnam. Even if you can't find a restaurant right inside the temple premise, there will surely be one or two at the end of the lane itself.



One of the toughest things about being vegan is trying to figure out if the food you ordered has used a diary product or not. Even in a vegan restaurant in Vietnam, you might find some milky looking stuff on the menu. You might have to do some more research and ask the people if they had actually used milk or not because some vegan restaurants in Vietnam see honey and milk as vegan food and tend to add them into dessert and even drinks.


Stick to tomato tofu

If you are tired of having cold vegan food and want some spice in your life, tomato tofu will be your go-to. Depending on where you will be eating in Vietnam this dish has varieties in it, some variations might even have fish sauce in it, thus, it is always better to ask before you place the food in your mouth.