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Headline for Supersized Seafood in Bangkok – The seafood scene in Bangkok and the places you must visit
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Supersized Seafood in Bangkok – The seafood scene in Bangkok and the places you must visit

Bangkok is the name that appears in everyone's minds when it's about shopping. But no one seems to know that the city also has a great seafood scene going on; the city touts some supersized dishes.


Takeaway seafood

While you can pop into a place like Spice Market Bangkok and enjoy delicious seafood, Bangkok also offers you the opportunity to enjoy delicious seafood without having to leave the comforts of your home. There are several takeaway places that serve delicious crab and crustaceans. If you are in the mood for something lighter, you should order delish fried rice, but you can order dishes of crabs, squids and prawns to go with it. The size of the portions is spectacular, and you sure will get your money's worth. For once, if you want to make little to no effort for getting something done, place the order online.


Seafood fried rice

At top restaurants in Bangkok, you get served yummy seafood fried rice. One of the highlights is Calamari fried rice which tastes divine; pieces of squid found in the dish are plentiful, and they are cooked without losing its tender texture. The fried rice dishes are big, and the seafood portions are enough to sustain you for the whole evening. The seafood served at Bangkok eateries are the freshest of the fresh, and they get delivered to these places straight from the harbour in the morning.


Reasonable pricing

For a few bahts, you can gorge on seafood. There are places that feature buffet-style dining, so you better prepare yourself for digesting lots of food in one evening. There's a set price, but for about good two hours, you can feast on seafood to your heart's content. The variety of dishes is overwhelming – you get served large platters of crab, meat and deep-fried prawns covered in various types of saucers, the succulent oysters are just the thing to go with a glass of shrimp cocktail.


Seafood with additional toppings

With only a few dollars for a big platter, in Bangkok, you can eat seafood with extra toppings. But if you want the biggest platter of seafood, it is going to cost you around US$350, but your whole family can feast on that. If you can make room in your tummy for a bit more, sample the award-winning lobster; you also can try platters of big oysters.


Tai Kong Seafood

You can start to indulge your seafood cravings at Tai Kong Seafood, the plates aren't supersized, but they are made of fresh seafood. You are also allowed to choose your seafood and get them to make it for you – prawns, clams, crabs and scallops are your choices.


Somboon Seafood

The place has a history going back to 1969, and it has loyal followings. Somboon Seafood is located inside a shopping mall, and it makes it easier for anyone to look out for the famous yellow curry crab and prawns baked with glass noodles. You can call up and make a reservation if you don't want to wait for 20 minutes outside.


Siam Paragon

This is the area where you can enjoy the 2000-baht humungous crab. In addition, you can sample the biggest lobsters you will ever see in your life. These are imported from the U.S, hence the hefty price.


The seafood street

The street assumes its busy veneer at 4 pm every day; street vendors start setting up their stalls, the queues begin to appear, and the street starts transforming into its most lively form. The crab and prawn dishes sold at this street are outstanding, and if you are not prepared to wait on a long queue, you had better be there before 5.30 pm.