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Personal Training in San Antonio

Articles, links, and photos related to personal training in San Antonio.

Personal Trainer in San Antonio

I am a certified personal trainer in San Antonio, ask me anything.

Don't Hire a Personal Trainer Who Can't Answer This

Why let someone gamble with your body? If you hire a personal trainer who is unable to answer these questions, your health is at risk.

6 Ways to Do Push-ups Easily if You Can't Do Push-ups - Places for Pups

Pushups are one of the most well-known and beneficial exercises. If you can't do pushups, these easy modifications will enable you to pushup at last.

How to Become a Personal Trainer the Right Way

Personal training is more than counting reps and calories. If it's your passion to become a personal trainer the right way, this may enlighten you.

Website at

Dogs know how to have fun and they do it through exercise.

How to Help a Dog Lose Weight? - Places for Pups

Weight gain and obesity are major health concerns for us and our dogs. If you need to help a dog lose weight, here are several good ways to do so.

Workout with Dogs to Increase Activity and Enjoyment - Places for Pups

There's never enough time in the day, so grab your best four legged friend, and let's workout with dogs to live longer, happier lives together.

You Need to Know This Before You Feed Your Pets - Places for Pups

Find out what you should feed your pets, how much you should feed them and when they should eat, as well as how to read a food label and common ingredients.

Use the Bird Dog Exercise for These Core Benefits

Here's how to do the bird dog exercise, which is one of the best ways to activate your core stabilizers, glutes, and upper back simultaneously

Where Can I Hike in San Antonio?

There are hundreds of miles of trails for you to hike throughout San Antonio. Some of the more popular websites claim to share hidden gems, but the parks in San Antonio are not hiding. In fact, you can see them all by simply looking at a map of the city. Last year we visited as many San Antonio parks as we could find, many of which have some type of trail system. It was quite an adventure and we discuss all of the places you can hike in this article.