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Updated by Organic Visit on Mar 06, 2020
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How to increase organic traffic to a website without doing SEO?

Want to know about How to increase organic traffic to a website without doing SEO? Visit our latest article post and get the best ways to generate traffic to your website.



1. Create top-notch content

Don’t create content just for the sake of doing so as publishing frequent articles may help you to some extent with SEO, but cannot take your further. Simply pumping in such dead content many also adversely affect your reputation in the long run. Like your website, the true online representation of your business, work on building organic website traffic to get more potential visitors and convert them into loyal customers with genuine and informative content.


2. Try to pluck the low-hanging fruits first

Everyone is competing for the two-word or three-word keywords and phrases as these tend to get more search volumes. However, these keywords could be highly competitive. With this, it is essential to scrutinize the long-tail keywords also which are more relevant to your business needs in order to pluck the low-hanging fruits and build further. For example, if you are a digital marketing service provider, then “digital marketing agency” as a keyword will be difficult to compete, but “digital marketing agency in Rochester” could take your far forward.


3. Don’t buy Google penalties

Never make Google angry with black-hat SEO practices. So, it is important to avoid the below practices.

• Never buy any cheap links.
• Don’t pay for the inbound links.
• Avoid using anchor text which is an exact match.
• Avoid plagiarism and don’t publish any scraped or low-quality content.


4. Making your site consistent

The new website owners may have noticed an interesting fact that their website is not getting a significant count of visits consistently. Sometimes, there may be hundreds of visitors in a short span of time, but some other times the flow is too feeble. In such cases, if you buy website traffic from a reliable provider, you can be reassured about the rest in terms of getting a consistent number of visitors to your website each day.


5. Help deliver the targeted group of visitors

In order to get more organic website traffic and further benefits out of it, one should first opt for getting services of genuine website traffic generators who may adopt white-hat strategies in order to offer you targeted traffic. While doing it, keep in mind that you can also buy website traffic from providers by identifying who your best target audience is and what type of visitors you want to get the most. Building a focused website as well as getting more relevant traffic may ultimately help to lower the bounce rate and also to enhance the search engine ranking of the website.


6. Share your posts

You may be publishing many articles through blogs. As far as you do it the same way, always try to share it over the social networking channels also which may ultimately take it to the more targeted audience and bring more traffic back to your landing pages. Along with your efforts to buy quality backlinks, sharing posts also will help to not only enhance SEO but also encourage engagement and result in more people responding to your posts.

Some other smart non-SEO techniques for more traffic also include:
• Promoting blog using social media
• Host a contest and invite followers to come to the website to participate.
• Try to embed insightful call to actions on social media postings
• Prepare various web content which is easy to share on social media
• Rely on analytics and post where your audience is more active.
• Find out the best time to post through trial and error and make a schedule.

While doing all these, don’t forget to track your post performance and see which all or what types of posts perform the best. Google Analytics may help you in doing it and it will ultimately help you devise your later content strategies accordingly.

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