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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 05, 2020
Headline for Top Reasons Why You Need to Visit Australia in 2020 – Attractions Down Under!
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Top Reasons Why You Need to Visit Australia in 2020 – Attractions Down Under!

Australia is a fascinating country that offers many engrossing experiences for the visitor. There are many reasons why you should visit Australia in 2020, including the wonderful beaches, national parks, sea activities and more.


The stunning beaches

The nation of Australia is blessed with a host of stunning beaches that are sure to capture the imagination of the leisure seeker. In fact, Australia has an extensive coastline featuring more than 11,000 individual beaches! Not only does this country boast an abundance of fine beaches, but the people of Australia take great pride in them and keep them in lovely condition. Some of Australia's fine beaches include Hyams Beach, Kirra Beach, Cable Beach, Four Mile Beach and Shelly Beach.


The outstanding national parks

You will find that there are more than 500 national parks within the nation of Australia. Therefore, if you enjoy exploring the wonders of nature, you will be in your element here. Many of these parks are natural marvels, featuring backdrops of picturesque hills and some rough mountain paths that will draw the interest of the adventurous visitor. In Australia's national parks you will also encounter features like scenic rainforests and waterfalls as well as wildlife that will undoubtedly catch the eye of the nature lover.


The attractions of the ocean

Since Australia is bordered by the ocean on all sides, it is not surprising that you will have the opportunity to experience some appealing sea-based activities in this country. In the coastal areas, you will encounter beautiful reefs and thousands of small islands that present a pristine sight for the visitor. In Australia, you will have the opportunity to go snorkelling and experience the magical underwater environment too. Scuba diving is another option which will take you to the exotic sea creatures lurking beneath the surface of the waters.


The biggest living organism on the earth

The biggest living organism on the globe is, in fact, Australia's Great Barrier Reef which you will find bordering Queensland. When it comes to coral reefs there is no doubt that the Great Barrier Reef does not have an equal in the world. Almost 3,000 smaller reefs and as many as 900 islets make up this amazing wonder of nature. When it comes to Australian hotels, an accommodation choice to consider from where you could visit the Great Barrier Reef would be some of the Queensland properties of Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites.


The native animals

It is no secret that Australia boasts some of the world's most amazing and unusual animals. The animal lover and general visitor alike will be enthralled by the unique fauna that can be found in Australia. In fact, these fascinating creatures include some rare species that can only be found within the country. Some of these distinctive Australian creatures would be kangaroos, emus, koalas, echidnas and platypuses.


The unique culture

Australia has a unique national culture that is rather different from the culture of any other country in the world. Generally, you will find that Australians are good-natured and welcoming whilst also being hardworking and yet relaxed and laidback. Australians treasure freedom and liberal attitudes whilst appreciating diversity. Many Australians are enthusiastic about the outdoors and are committed to protecting and loving nature. Australian culture is often permissive, not imposing unnecessary restrictions on the individual. This unique culture may be considered to be one of Australia's distinctive facets.

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