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20 Cool Facts about Broome - Twenty Fascinating Facts Regarding Broome

As one of Australia's most popular tourist hubs, Broome is a destination that's as diverse as it is fascinating. Here are twenty interesting facts regarding the region and its many attributes.


Birding Paradise

Home to over 300 bird species, Broome is an area that's a dream destination for bird enthusiasts. Broome is also where 50 shorebird species that make up over a third of the country's species are found.


The Globe's First Open-Air Cinema

Sun Pictures in Brisbane is also the globe's oldest outdoor movie theatre where cinemagoers have been watching movies in deck chairs for decades.


No Letterboxes in Broome

Houses in the area do not contain letterboxed either outside or near the house as residents pick up their mail from five strategic locations around Broome.


Broome Time

The relaxed nature and laidback attitude of Broome residents had lead to the coining of the term "Broome Time" which is perfect for the town's holiday vibe,


A city with No Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are not found anywhere in Broome and it is the only Australian city in which this is the case.


Local Delicacy

Pearl meat is considered a delicacy in the area and sells for around $150 a kilogram.


Fat Bikes Galore

As Australia's fat bike capital, Broome is the best place to try one's hand at riding these unique vehicles.


Flavoured Beers

Mango, chilli and ginger flavoured beers are crafted and available at Matso's Broome Brewery, which is also the country's remotest microbrewery.


Paleontological Heritage

Broome lays claim to 130 million year old rock surfaces with three varieties of dinosaur markings and tracks. This not only indicated the presence of sauropods during prehistoric times but also ornithopods and the carnivorous theropods.


Vitamin C Fruit Capital

A bush fruit named Gubinge which grows in Broome is known to have the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any fruit on the planet.


Two Extra Seasons

The aboriginal Yawuru people of Broome divide the year into six seasons based on the temperature, winds and rainfall.


Unusual Wonder

Iconic documentarian Sir David Attenborough once called the Horizontal Waterfalls in Broome's Talbot Bay "Australia's most unusual wonder."


Gutter-Free City

Gutters are not a part of buildings in the city as water from the heavy downpours during the wet season cannot be contained by gutters.


Big Tides

Big tidal moves occur in Broome twice daily and the waves are known to reach heights of over 9m on some days and the entire coastline looks different based on the tidal conditions of the day.


Polo Haven

Those based at Cable Beach Hotels the likes of the Oaks Cable Beach Sanctuary and others will find that Cable Beach is one of few beaches in the world that are suitable for playing polo on horseback.


Pearl Buttons

Before the invention of plastic, mother-of-pearl shells found in towns such as Broome were used to make buttons on shirts, coats and other attire.


Flatback Turtle Hatchlings

Cable Beach in Broome is also a breeding ground for Flatback turtles as females will lay around 50 eggs in a single night.


Big Pearl Discovery

The globe's biggest and best quality pearl as found in Broome and measured in at 22.24mm.


Original Settlers

The Yawuru communities are the first settlers and the technical owners of Broome as a town.


Cable Beach

Twenty two kilometres in length, Cable Beach is thus named due to the telegraph cable that was set up between Java and Broome in 1889.

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