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Text Neck Syndrome | Yes it is a thing!

If texting constantly what we don’t realize is that our body has to put forth some effort to support our head, the average head weighs approximately ten pounds.
If your spine is healthy it will go about the business of supporting your head with no worries all day long however, as you bend forward inch by inch the stress on your cervical spine increases.

Text Neck Syndrome | HubPages

Spend a lot of time looking at your smartphone or slouching over a computer all day? You may be experiencing text neck and not even know it.

Avoid ‘Text Neck’ From Your Cellphone

Avoid ‘Text Neck’ From Your Cellphone


Texting all the time?

Texting all the time?

Okay, be honest how many times have you almost walked into someone or something while looking at your phone?

How many times have you glanced over at someone in the car next to you and witnessed them staring down at their phone?

How many times have you had to honk your horn because the person in front of you at a traffic light was distracted by their phone and the light was green?

How many times have you been out in public and noticed how many people around you were slouched over using a smartphone?


Your neck may not be the only thing feeling the effects of texting.

The next time you think of it after you have been on your phone or computer for some time straighten up your neck and back.

If there is a popping or mild cracking sound then you know that your posture has been out of position and you have just straightened it out.

Now imagine doing that without straightening up for hours on end either from working at a computer or staring at your mobile device.

You are more than likely going to feel the effects over time.

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