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06 Places You Have to Visit in Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle - For a completely authentic tour

The central part of Sri Lanka is where the cultural triangle can be found and here are the must-visit places when you are exploring this triangle.



Being the first and the oldest ancient Kingdom in Sri Lanka, the city of Anuradhapura is a prime example of the ancient glory of this Island Nation. The city is said to be a very important religious destination for the Buddhists because of 8 religious places that can be found here. One of the greatest kings of this Kingdom was King Dutugemunu. Because of the cultural importance, Anuradhapura also has been listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka.



You cannot visit Sri Lanka without visiting Sigiriya, and you definitely will climb this rock if you are exploring the cultural triangle. Yet another UNESCO World Heritage site, this used to be considered as the 8th wonder of the world once upon a time. The Rock Fortress on top of the molten lava is a unique example of the excellent technology that was found back in the day in Sri Lanka. Also known as the Lion rock, the Sigiriya used to be the kingdom of King Kashyap who ruled from the year 447 to the year 495 CE. The head and a pair of lion paws at the beginning of the stairs can still be found. Sigiriya has a mirror ball, a water garden and many other sites for you to explore. Exploring the cultural triangle will be made easier if you get help from some of the best travel agents in Sri Lanka the lights of Aitken Spence Travels.



This is an isolated mountain top located close to Anuradhapura and this place is also known to be a pilgrimage site for the Buddhists. Buddhism was introduced to the island and it began in this place.



This is the second Kingdom in Sri Lanka and was ruled by the most powerful king Parakrama Bahu. During his ruling, the irrigation systems in the area improved and were used for paddy cultivation. The city has an infrastructure that has a well-developed state giving it a few religious, architectural and historical icons for you to explore.



The Dambulla Rock temple is one of the most popular temples in this part of the country. This rock has a network of more than 75 caves of which the five major caves are used as the temple. You will find various Buddha statues located inside these temples along with some beautiful wall art that tells you stories about the religion.



Kandy was the last Ceylon kingdom before the country was taken under the ruling of the British Government. Being the second-largest city in the country, this is currently the administrative and religious capital of the Central Province in Sri Lanka. The city is famous for the Temple of Tooth Relic, which is the most revered icon of Buddhism in Sri Lanka. The Kandy Lake in the centre of the city adds a cooling effect to its setting while attracting both locals and tourists.

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