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Updated by Mayhem Solutions Group on Mar 04, 2020
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Private Security and Investigations

Violence in the Workplace - Mayhem Solutions Group

Mayhem Solutions Group is an Industry leader in assisting local and corporate client's with workplace violence conflicts.

Reasons to Hire a Local Security Agency - Mayhem Solutions Group

Hiring a local security company may yield better results. Communication with agents directly and knowing their backgrounds will put you at an advantage.

Active Shooter Training - Mayhem Solutions Group

Being prepared for an incident involving an active shooter is extremely valuable for anyone, as it can occur at any TIME or PLACE. News recently has shown various incidents involving active shooter incidents, including the Texas A&M shooting, as this post is being written.

Firearms Training - Mayhem Solutions Group

Providing certainty to the general population may mean a variety of things, such as firearms training and the proper handling of firearms. Our certified instructors will provide you with the knowledge needed to properly handle the weapon, as well as tear down and reconstruction of your personal firearm. Becoming comfortable with the weapon you carry each day is of most importance. Things to consider when choosing your first handgun:

Ethical Decision Making in an Industry of Unethical Business Practices - Mayhem Solutions Group

When we think of Private Security or Private Investigator, we view someone or their business as honest, admirable with integrity. Unfortunately this may not be the case, as the private security and investigation industry is not known for being the most ethical. Many private security and investigative companies operate under lax terms due cost per hour and in an attempt to “make a few extra dollars”. All things considered; insurance, licensing, taxes and paying employees their worth is not cheap.

How Dr. Li Warned The World - Mayhem Solutions Group

Dr. Li Wenliang. A doctor named a hero after his attempt to warn the public about the potential Corona-virus (COVID-19) epidemic, died of the infection.

Hiring Event Security - Mayhem Solutions Group

Birthdays, Weddings, Reunions and many other types of events may require you to rent an unfamiliar space to house a large crowd.

Can Pets Protect Your Home? - Mayhem Solutions Group

Many owners feel that their family pet would protect them during an attack. The size or breed of the dog doesn’t matter, which makes it more of the mental psychology of the dog itself. Many smaller dogs such as chihuahua’s tend to be more protective than larger breeds, due to “small dog syndrome”. This is a collection of behaviors displayed by small dogs that include lunging or snapping at perceived threats. It comes down to the thief and their comfort level with animals. In some cases, thieves will bring treats to distract the dog while they finish their business in the home. Others may use force on the animal or strictly ignore it.

Basics of Private Investigations - Mayhem Solutions Group

When many think of the term “Private Investigator”, the first thing to come to mind is Magnum PI, or someone hiding in the bushes snapping photographs of someone. Well- this is not always the case. Much information in today’s world can be found online, and the information available, can be quite shocking. In this article we will go over some of the information we are able to find online, information better found in the field and information used by other methods, such as pre-texting.

Growing Concern for Hemp and Marijuana Security - Mayhem Solutions Group

Over the last decade the legalization of Marijuana has thrived into a multi-billion dollar industry. Medical advancements and the positive impact it can make on the economy has created jobs, as well as the need for security to protect these assets. Some of the assets include; hemp derived CBD, industrial applications, personal care, food, consumer textiles, and supplements.