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Top 10 Blog Posts of Week 13 2013


Top 10 EASY Ways to Make Picture Quotes for Facebook & More!

Want to make picture quotes, but not sure where to begin? Picture quotes are wildly popular on Facebook, Pinterest, and other social sites. People love to share and repin quote images that resonate with them. I spent an afternoon researching sites where you can make your own quote graphics online - and most are FREE!

How to be a star on YouTube One Channel

I'm thrilled that the Virtual Assistant Goddess - Emily West-Stadler herself wrote a guest post about the hot topic of the "new" YouTube One Channel - here is a link to her own: VAGoddeess channel What do you have in common with Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Peter Jackson (Director of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings)?

What Your Facebook Likes Say About You

Who knew! I first came across the discussion about what your Facebook likes reveal about you, on the CBC Website and The Current with Anna Maria Tremonte The Psycometrics Centre at Cambridge University has found that you can predict your personality traits quite accurately by analyzing the pages you liked on Facebook.

[Warning] Do Not Trust Screenshots of Tweets - Embedding Tweets Is Easy

There is a scary new service out that lets you create screen captures of fake tweets and post them. Read here what this is all about and how easy it is to embed tweets in your posts on WordPress or elsewhere. Embedding tweets is a good solution to ensure trust in your post.

Most Blog Readers Don't Care They Are Reading A Blog |

Every day I get dozens of tweets telling me to visit a new "" or read this "" post or read what so-and-so is " blogging" about today. But the two words that really get my attention are " article" and " information."

Where is the money in social media?

Have you ever wondered where the money is in social media? In a recent Business Insider piece, leading social media analytics platform SocialBakers CEO Jan Rezab shared that his company took in $25 million in revenue from 1500 clients.

How to make Google+ your favorite Social Network

Published on Mar 27, 2013. If you aren't yet using Google+, or aren't logging in regularly, the social network may seem a bit intimidating. It's different from Facebook in a lot of ways, and there are a number of features and nuances that may not be obvious how to use or what you're supposed to do.

The art of tweeting at events - Communicate and Howe!

I love tweeting at events! I love sending tweet after tweet after tweet to share the goodness that I am experiencing. Doing so also helps me to internalize the ideas being shared and now with Storify, I can use the tweets to capture an overview of an event and even include resources shared and follow up blog posts.

Google Plus SEO: Everybody's Talks About It - How Do You DO It?

Buffer Not too long ago I was looking at at thread in a popular LinkedIn group. Someone had asked whether Google+ has any relevancy for business. Many people tried to answer, but the following two were pretty typical of the positive answers given: Do you notice a commonality...

Snackers Are The New Lurkers | via @nickkellet

Your existing customer, your modern reader, your prospect. They are skimmers Hurried Hassled Commitment averse They want snacks. Infosnacks. That want fast food for the brain. Don't take 500 works to make a point if 300 will suffice. You should know this. You skim. You guard your time. You like short sentences.