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Top 4 Tools To Include In Ecommerce Website Design

Website design seems to be an ongoing process in the eCommerce field. Creating a custom web design for the eCommerce platform is the completion of the first step only. After eCommerce website development, you need to maintain it, update it and optimize it for the different search engines. You also need to test its performance, keep up with the analytics, and make it fully secured.

Top 4 Tools To Include In Ecommerce Website Design

Website design seems to be an ongoing process in the eCommerce field. Creating a custom web design for the eCommerce platform is the completion of the first step only. After eCommerce website development, you need to maintain it, update it and optimize it for the different search engines. You also need to test its performance, keep up with the analytics, and make it fully secured.

What is WordPress? - Learn Everything About WordPress by sfwpexperts

The WordPress has evolved a lot since it has been introduced as a blogging platform. Now, it is well-known as a content management system that not only offers tools for creating a website but also developing and maintaining it. Since WordPress is easy to use, many web designers prefer it for building multiple websites as opposed to other online CMS. Another advantage of using WordPress is that you don’t need to download the software for creating your Linux, Apache, and MySQL setup. You get an optional choice whether or not you want to download the setup.                      

Everything You Need To Know About Responsive Web Design

In the earlier days of website development, there were very few people who used to access websites through their mobile phones, tablets, or iPad. Most people were using the internet in their personal computers for their personal or professional work. After sometime when mobile phones were invented there was an urgent requirement of creating mobile-friendly websites. Then two versions of websites were created that were mobile version and desktop version websites to drive high traffic to websites through mobile phones and desktops. But after running two versions of websites, business owners started facing challenges in maintaining both the sites. In addition to that other device (iPad, Netbook, Kindle) were also launched in the market and it was quite difficult for them to have multiple versions of websites for each device. To deal with such a situation the idea of responsive web design was implemented.

Top 5 Mistakes Designers Make While Learning Design | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

Top 5 Mistakes Designers Make While Learning Design, a post from the blog Posts by websitedesignlosangeles, written by websitedesignlosangeles on Bloglovin’

5 Of The Best Examples Of Responsive Navigation Patterns - Website Design Los Angeles

Creating a navigation pattern that is effective and easy to understand for users is key to increasing the user engagement. There are many things that you need to consider while creating a responsive navigation pattern. Is it clear what each of your labels means? Is your navigation structure too deep? Does your navigation get lost during resolution adaptations? If you analyse your navigation pattern this way and find a proper solution to it, there is a higher chance that users will stay on your site for a long time and take some action. Read more on

What Is Bounce Rate? How To Reduce Your Bounce Rate?

It is a term that you might have heard many times before you finally decided to learn it thoroughly, right? No wonder you might be scared that Google will penalize your site if it has a high bounce…

Top 5 Ways To Integrate Social Media Into Mobile Design - Website Design Company Los Angeles

Social media sites are growing in popularity for a few years all around the world. There has been a tremendous increase in its users and it has now become the best platform to connect with loved ones. Most people are blown away by its features and benefits and they are asking their friends and relatives as well to join them there. Designers of those sites have deployed a variety of design elements on their pages to provide a great experience to users. If you are also a passionate designer who wants to make your web designs as user-friendly as possible, there are many things that you can learn from there. Read more on

Top 6 Reasons Why You Need Website Redesign In 2020 — Steemit

With the growing dependability on the internet for fulfilling every small and big needs of humans, designers are being… by sfwpexperts

5 Principles Of Good Website Design on Behance

Good websites are not something that can be identified by just looking at its visual design but its usability and utility plays an important role in making it a good website. If it’s not user-centric or optimized to deliver a great user experience, there is a higher chance of failure of that website. Since the visitor of the page is the only person who decides what they have to do on your site, it has become a lot more important to design user-centric websites for your target audience. Stretching out this topic further I have decided to discuss main principles and approaches for effective web design that simplifies the process of perceiving presented information. Read more on

A Comprehensive Guide To Mobile Landing Page Design

First, understand what is a landing page and what is the purpose of its development. Landing page is just like a single page layout that opens when users click on a search engine result, marketing email or an online advertisement. The main purpose of having a landing page is to attract and engage the target audience and direct them to a defined call to action.

5 Common Symptoms Of Epidemic In Web Design  

Since design and aesthetics works in mysterious ways, often it happens that a particular web design trend is yet to leave us and then only another trend appears before us. It’s like an Epidemic that spreads quickly and most designers tend to adopt it. But what are its symptoms and how to recognize it? Its symptoms are easy to spot as it often appears in conjunction with other conditions.

How To Create A Gorgeous UI — These 7 Rules Can Help

OK, first thing first — This guide contains detailed information about how you can create a gorgeous UI for your website. Readers who already know what a UI actually is can skip this part but, for…

Illustrating The Latest Web Design Trends Using BeTheme | Posts by websitedesignlosangeles | Bloglovin’

Illustrating The Latest Web Design Trends Using BeTheme , a post from the blog Posts by websitedesignlosangeles, written by websitedesignlosangeles on Bloglovin’

Top 6 Tips On How To Use Pop-Ups In Your Web Design - Website Design Los Angeles

A few days before your company has accepted a project to design an ecommerce website that is meant to sell lifestyle products. That project has been assigned to you and now you are in charge of designing the site. You look for ideas on the internet for how to design an ecommerce website and get customers to make a purchase. Suddenly, a headline draws your attention that says “How to design an ecommerce website effectively?”

The Best Way To Carry Out SEO When Designing A Website – Telegraph

Executing the web design process is itself a tricky task. Then optimizing it for search engines is another load that you must handle responsibly. When clients pay a visit to your office, they just expect you to create a professional website that can rank at the top of Google’s search results. At best they will provide you with a few keywords they want their website to rank for. 

Websites are mostly designed to represent a brand that could make an impact on visitors. Whenever new visitors come to your site they form a first impression of your product or service within the first few seconds. There are many different elements that help in shaping that impression like visuals, layout and aesthetic. No matter how good your website is in terms of usability or content, it is not going to attract visitors unless the aesthetic evokes that feeling. So it’s now completely up to you how you make good use of aesthetics as it will set your website apart from the rest and delight your users when they view it. Remember if you want to impress your visitors you need to think like great artists who used to find new ways to express their thoughts and apply new techniques to differentiate their work from the rest.

Reflecting Personality Through Your Web Design on Behance

Who doesn't want to be original? You, me, they and everyone who wants to be recognized as an ideal professional. For example, the best shoe company, the best website designer, and the best coffee brand. Needless to say, everyone has to walk the uncommon path who wants to be best. If you also want to have the best website for your business exchange words with our Los Angeles web design company, SFWP Experts.

What You Need To Know About Foldable Web? - Website Design Company Los Angeles

With all new foldable phones reaching the market, a new challenge is approaching professional designers. To create foldable web designs that can be compatible with such phones. One common question that is running into to-be-customers' minds is - what they can do differently in foldable phones? What’s the point in making such phones? What are the benefits of having these phones? Actually, it’s very useful for people with a purpose.

3 Latest Web Design Trends Being Adopted By Business Owners by Web Design Los Angeles Company

Web design trends keep changing and almost every design is replaced by another before the previous one falls out of fashion. Some incorporate vibrant color palettes in their design while others visually appealing imagery. Everything is done to grab the user’s attention and keep them engaged with websites. But do you what’s beyond attracting and engaging users? Conversions! If your website doesn't have a higher conversion rate, perhaps you are doing something boring. You need to try out different web designs for your website that would impress your users and encourage them to make a purchase. I will share some web design trends in this blog that are favorite of many business owners and you should consider integrating into your web development. 

Top 5 Tips To Improve Your Website Loading Speed In Mobiles

In today’s world smartphones have become an integral part of human life. Most people like using their mobile phones just because they can access almost everything existing in the world. Websites are no exception and the increasing number of mobile users is pointing to website owners to make their website as responsive as possible. Their websites should load fast, function well and deliver a great user experience when accessed through mobile devices. Have you performed a mobile speed test recently? What was the position of your website? Does it receive high traffic?

Is It Important To Make Changes To Your Design According To Google? 

Majority of new websites that rank in Google’s search results have started to look quite familiar and common to other sites. I’m sure you are understanding what I am trying to communicate. Often the websites that we look at have a navigation bar at the top of the page (usually having a different color than the rest of the page), a huge carousel of images, a few hidden Google Ads and then if we’re lucky we would be able to find some actual content above the fold.

How To Create The Best Layout Design Hierarchy For Ecommerce Websites?

These days eCommerce websites are designed in such a way that it attracts most user’s attention and encourages them to make a purchase. You might have designed your eCommerce website in the same way…

Top 5 Factors You Need To Consider To Make Your Website Load Faster

These days websites are considered as a window to business since most customers tend to find their service partners online. It has created urgency for business owners to make their website as lucrativ

Can Designing Apps For One-Hand Usage Improve Usability?  – Telegraph

More than 90% of the mobile phones sold today have a greater than 5-inch screen. Bigger screen means bigger visuals and a better experience when you read, watch, or play. While, on the other hand, a smaller screen means better grip and usability. It’s easier to move your fingers on small screen smartphones than the bigger ones. However, designing apps and websites for bigger screens are newer challenges for designers and developers that they need to solve very soon. 

5 Best WordPress Themes That You Can Use To Build Your Website - Website Design Los Angeles

There are lots of WordPress themes that claim to be easy to use for website development but only a few of them have backup for their claims. However it is at least important for them to justify how good they are at streamlining your workflow and reducing your website building time by 30, 50, or 90%. It means if you start building your site from scratch you will probably save your time between 30% to 90 %.