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Key Benefits & Things to Consider Before Hiring Offshore Development Company

Key Benefits & Things to Consider Before Hiring Offshore Development Company

There have been speculations about hiring an offshore development company as many entrepreneurs have endorsed the merits of outsourcing development overseas whereas others have disagreed due to disappointing experiences. We need to understand the concept behind hiring offshore developers as it is not feasible for every organization to hire an in-house development team due to various economic reasons.

Also, These days many start-ups & enterprises are looking to automate their business process with the technological solutions & hiring offshore developers could be a smart decision. One of the major concerns behind hiring an outsourcing agency is quality determinant.

How do you know if the code being written is of high quality? Would an offshore developer recommend you on the conventional solution for your business? Would you be able to make precise judgments about the remote developer?

Who is an offshore developer?

An offshore developer is an exceptional tech resource who has expertise in developing IT solutions with the emerging technologies at a substantially decreased price than the local developers. These developers have extensive experience in delivering top-grade customized software, mobile & web app development services for business improvement.

Since there are hundreds of remote developers available in the market, the need to choose the right offshore developer among the available options has become extremely difficult. Here are some factors that can be considered before hiring a remote developer for your software development services.

What is the core competency of the developers?

The major reason you are outsourcing the task is that you need experts to perform it & you need to be sure that the core competency of the vendor is custom software development before hiring them along with the years of experience the vendor that in the respective domain.

Do the offshore developers have sufficient experience?

When it comes to custom software development, there always industry-specific requirements & standards that have to be followed. Whether your vendor has relevant experience in developing similar products could be one of the major factors you need to consider.

Are the remote workers stable financially & operationally?

The durability of the offshore development team values a lot when you are conspiring to form a partnership. How long they have been in this business? do they follow the latest technological advancement? Is the management reliable enough? It is important to compare the capabilities and competencies of the management before you partner with them.

Do they follow a transparent cost?

It is indeed one of the most important aspects to know if the vendor is charging a fair and affordable development cost. There are a plethora of expenses other than the cost of development itself that has pushed many companies towards offshore software developers to offset the costs associated with the growth of the business.
Do they offer an effective communication system?**

It is important to know if the remote developers follow an effective communication channel to be available as per your requirement. When selecting offshore developer teams, try finding their communication channels to avoid language barriers and communication flow.

Do they offer after support for your product?

The offshore developer's work doesn't end by submitting the timely project, but it is important to consider if the vendor is willing to offer after project delivery support like bug fixing, update & add new enhancements if required. Since many developers have additional pricing for this requirement but it is advisable to understand the terms and conditions before hiring them.

Final thoughts

The age of digitalization & technological advancement has removed geographical borders and helped businesses escape the dwindling, local talent pools. Hiring remote developers means hiring high technical expertise & increased chances of getting top-notch custom software & mobile app development company within the set budget.

About Consagous

We understand the complexity of every business and accordingly use the IT expertise & tech-driven background of experienced professionals to develop a comprehensive IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation that goes in line with your business objectives.

Our strategic IT consulting & custom software development services help businesses automate and digitalize their business operations by implementing the latest technologies.

Over 500+ brands & startups have leveraged our IT consulting & offshore development services to improve their digital strategies and create comprehensive product roadmaps.

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As human beings, we stand on an important threshold in our entire history. With the kind of creative thinking that has revolutionized technology in ways that seemed impossible until a few years ago, people are highly divided about the end results-

Will they be for our benefit, or be one of the biggest reasons for our downfall?

Long story short, Artificial Intelligence today is calling almost all shots in the world.

AI software development has seen a meteoric rise, which can be credited to the fact that more machines used by us on a daily basis are incorporating AI into their working. The reason is simple- AI has become an integral constituent in our daily lives

Here are some instances that will give you the perfect idea about how AI has touched lives-
• Assisting the police forces world over in getting hold of suspects even with unclear CCTV footage.
• Helping service companies prepare business quotations and claims.
• AI and Machine Learning algorithms have made it possible to see the advent of self-driven cars that can find out their way through complex routes.
• AI has made it easier for air traffic controllers to keep the passengers safe, both in the air and even on the ground.

With such a staple use, it is obvious that we will be ushering in an era where Artificial Intelligence will become all the more involved in our overall existence.

AI today is still in its early stages but has already demonstrated a lot of potentials that can be used for the betterment of the world by being essential in a number of industries and make a big impact socially, as well as culturally.

Here are 3 ways through which AI is bound to bring a change for the better-
1- Cybersecurity
Cyber attacks, if successful, always have the scary potential to cause a lot of damage to governments and their agencies. As an obvious result, security teams have a hard time dealing with the constant alerts that are created by traditional tools.

Artificial Intelligence, with its capabilities of self-learning and automation, can boost the effectiveness and reduce costs, providing more safety from terrorism and other smaller thefts.

In the coming years, this technology will largely boost the scope for security professionals and detect threats much in advance. Consagous Technologies is a great name to reckon with when it is about providing cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions.

2- Entertainment
In the coming years, streaming services like from Amazon, and even Netflix too might go for a toss, all because of Artificial Intelligence. In the future, it is entirely possible that viewers will be able to order specific movies of their choice with virtually created actors.

Film studios too may use sophisticated AI systems to analyze scripts according to their potential. It can all be made possible by a comprehensive AI Application Development Company USA like Consagous Technologies, that is backed by years of experience in web and app development with the use of numerous AI procedures.

3- Medicine
Thanks to AI, medicine, and treatment too is taking a personalized approach. Precision medicine is the term that has been coined for this process. By taking into account an individual’s gene structure and lifestyle, treating a person from different illnesses is becoming unique in every case.

Many companies are using AI algorithms for assistance in radiology, and this is a trend that is bound to pick up in the years to come.

Artificial Intelligence can be put to more use, as an approach for finding solutions to varying problems. With a leading AI & Machine learning solutions provider, decisions to change and enhance the world will always be a never-ending process. And for such revolutionary IT solutions, Consagous Technologies is your best bet!

About Us:
Consagous is a renowned IT company in the field of Artificial Intelligence Services. We provide comprehensive solutions for application development catering to all the major devices. We have years of experience in delivering attractive and fully functional applications.

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The space of mobile app development has been growing profusely and is not going to stop any time soon. Of course, if you are someone who is looking to get a mobile app developed for your business, standing out from the herd is critical.

If you wish to give your competitors a tough time, it is important to understand that you will need something that is more than just vibrant colors and sweet animation. Your app users should get an experience that they remember only you, and no other app. This is a huge reason to choose the most prolific mobile app development services for your mobile app development.

In order to ensure that your app is very successful in such a competitive market, you need to have a crystal clear approach regarding the mobile app that you want. Staying consistent is going to take you a long way in the game.

Here are some essential features that your mobile app needs to have for sure-

1- Feature To Search Within The App

A big motive of mobile apps is to reduce the time for a customer to make a purchase. A search feature in the app enables a user to find the required product, section or content quickly, without spending extra time to just sift through the app, section by section. By just a keyword or a phrase, redirecting users to the relevant page will take you a long way.

The feature sounds basic, but Consagous Technologies has years of experience to innovate in the basics too.

*2- Social Media Connectivity *

Social media today is not just sharing images or videos on a certain app. It is today a platform where like-minded people like to collaborate and interact with each other. Enabling your mobile app to support social media profiles of the users allows them an easy way to share something from your app directly to their social media account.

Consagous, the leading mobile app development company can seamlessly integrate this feature in your business mobile application.

3- Different Versions for Different Mobile Devices

It is important that you don’t underestimate any platform, and get an app created that is conducive to different platforms. Don’t think that an app for Android is going to be enough so that you can leave out the iOS users. Leaving a potentially large chunk of the target market is never an intelligent move as a business. Make sure your business has an app that can work with the same efficiency on all popular mobile platforms.

The development team at Consagous will give you the perfect suggestions in terms of mobile platforms and integrating your app to these platforms.

4- Feedback Feature

This is an underrated feature but it is so important to get an honest feeling of the users as to how they feel about the overall working of your mobile app. Providing the users with an option to give feedback gives you an insight about the changes and improvements needed.

Make sure you have a feedback feature in your app, and Consagous Technologies can get a neat feedback feature in place for you.

Making a mobile app that all users love is not an easy task by any means. There are a lot more features that need to be taken into account when we talk about creating a great mobile app, but the ones we mentioned are the most integral. Get a great web and mobile app development company USA like Consagous Technologies on board for a superlative, feature-loaded app today!

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We Do What We Do, Even When It’s Tough Going!

“There are uses to adversity, and they don’t reveal themselves until tested. Whether it’s serious illness, financial hardship, or the simple constraint of parents who speak limited English, difficulty can tap unexpected strengths.”

-Sonia Sotomayor

What humankind is facing today on a global scale is hidden from no one. Economic powerhouses are on their knees, citizens of the world have been confined in their homes and one thought is always more pressing on their minds- when will the normal days return?

The corporate world too, is having a tough time, with companies staying afloat by instructing their employees to work from home and stay productive. The world, in fact, is presently working from home, which is dark humour and irony at the same time. Consagous, the leading Web and App Development Company USA is right at the helm of this seemingly underrated, but critical culture.

With a number of accolades, Consagous has consistently delivered outrageously spectacular IT products to clients all over the globe. And we are also aware of what makes Consagous the company it is- our team, right at the core, making things tick in ways that are seamless, and harmonious, just the attributes that are omnipresent in our products.

A truly global company is reflective of its culture, and our ethos is completely immersed in these attributes.

The present crisis took everybody by surprise. There was no time to wind up for anyone, from the smallest of shop owners to the largest conglomerates. And while there is a lot of that unsaid panic in the air as we combat this outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus, ensuring one thing was critical- that work-life did not come to a standstill.

Being the best Mobile App Development Company in USA, Consagous had a number of projects that were underway, or had just arrived when it became mandatory to stay behind closed doors. Social distancing, it was called.

But we had deadlines to adhere to, for all our projects. Work wasn’t to stop. And that, it didn’t.

Team Consagous, as always, decided to continue with creating great products from the comfort of their homes. With a stable Internet connection, and the perfect amount of professional experience, this was a winning combination without a doubt. With this adversity, we brought out the best use of all available resources to establish what we do at our office space- establish perfect coordination and communication between teams, departments and most importantly, the client.

One such project which the team delivered from home was the mobile app, Klino, that aimed to make the hiring of professional cleaning staff seamless and completely user-friendly experience.
The application framework had to be secure, as the app involved the input of personal information. Obviously, there were a lot of other aspects to take care of, which made it necessary to keep the client in loop with everything that was happening during the App development process of Klino.

For communication, the teams used video conferencing to interact and meet with the client and other team members. This ensured that the absence of physical presence didn’t prove to be a hurdle in the quality of Klino, right from the ideation and prototyping to the final output.

The team at Consagous stayed in tune with the process by scheduling and attending daily meetings which helped in keeping the proceedings in sync, department wise. Video calls too, proved to be an asset as team members of every department could communicate with ease, and not disrupt other departments. Enhanced efficiency was the result.

Apart from making full use of such technology, the more mainstream sources like Emails and Skype too were integral to ensure that Klino was handed over to the client well within the deadline. And yet, not a single Consagous soul visited the office during this time.

Consagous is right there as a leader in mobile app development services, and this is backed by reasons. The never say die attitude of the team, the sheer ability to ensure completion, and that enviable, near-obsessive degree of dedication is what makes and defines Consagous and keeps it alive.

Time may be trying us in the present, but it won’t be the same forever. If it’s dark, there surely will be light at the end of the tunnel. And we all, at Consagous, will always be there for our clients, waiting to deliver, one sophisticated project at a time!

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How Are Tech Companies Coping with the COVID-19 Scare

How Are Tech Companies Coping with the COVID-19 Scare

Since the coronavirus announcement or COVID-19, as we also call it, has been wreaking havoc on lives all over the globe. The biggest economic powerhouses are on their knees as they constantly struggle to contain the damage this pandemic is causing on an hourly basis. The lives of some of the world’s biggest tech companies in USA too have been made difficult. Postponing or outright cancellation of conferences, restricting employee travel, and persistent encouragement to work from homes are some of the ways companies are trying to work out, in general terms.

As far the USA is concerned, these measures are already in effect, particularly in the state of Seattle, home to Microsoft and Amazon. This is a time when a number of tech companies look to bring new products, technologies, and breakthroughs in front of the world audience. Due to COVID-19 though, everything has, for the moment, gone for a toss.

While the world waits to get back to COVID-19 free earth, here’s how the biggest companies in the world are handling the outbreak, to keep things operational-

Apple was perhaps the first company to issue a public statement that the virus had indeed, made a dent on its ambitions for the first quarter. They informed the stakeholders about not being able to meet the expected revenue guidelines for the March quarter.

Then, they shut down their retail stores and offices in China, which now have opened again.

The much anticipated ‘iPhone SE2’ or ‘iPhone 9’ was to be reportedly launched in the last week of March, which is now supposedly postponed.

Production units have become operational, but the pace in restoring normalcy is slow.

Presently, apart from keeping employees at home, it is busy rejecting apps providing wrong information related to the virus from the App Store.

The Seattle office of Amazon has been hit hard, as there have been around 70 confirmed cases. But while quite a large number of people have lost their jobs, Amazon has opened up 100,000 new jobs to take care of the extra deliveries, and at the same time, give them a source of income as they are without jobs in these trying times.

Other than that, the company has taken a firm stand on medical products that are sold without approval from the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). The existing employee pay of $15 has also been increased by $2 for each hour.

This tech giant had to call off its annual I/O Developers Conference, which hosts Android developers from across the world to exhibit their Android innovations. The conference is also where the company was to probably launch the Pixel 4a, a budget sibling to Pixel 4. Again, Google employees are working from home to keep things as smooth as possible.

The company is also working in close association with the US government for the development of a website completely dedicated to educate people and provide resources on COVID-19. The search engine, YouTube and Maps are churning out real-time information right within the first 24 hours with the people globally.

Take into account the contribution it has made to better health research by contributing DeepMind to its AphaFold system.

Microsoft confirmed that 2 of its employees tested positive for coronavirus, and it is, in fact, the first large technology company who has committed to consistently pay its hourly workers. As there are a number of Microsoft employees working from home, these hourly workers, who are unable to work from their homes will still get paid.

The company is also ensuring that all employees relying on the Work From Home model have virtual systems in place for smooth coordination. Apart from this, Microsoft is also assisting the CDC to take note of the symptoms and give out information for quick action. For this, it is using its Healthcare Bot Service, powered by MS Azure.

It is not less than a spectacle to see such highly renowned companies providing global technology services do their bit to aid businesses, researches, and even education systems. They will be incurring losses in revenue and capital, and it will be quite a while that they bring out new products and innovations to the world now, but their actions and safety measures are a definite effort to make the world a better place when they do so.

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Google Play and App Store- The two platforms for mobile applications amount to millions of apps, which business owners around the world try to derive benefits from, for their growth. Presently, with the kind of competition, there is in the mobile app market, it is not unheard of where a number of apps fail in getting the right amount of visibility. A multitude of reasons can be contributing factors.

The mobile app revolution is expanding with each passing day and looks in no mood of slowing down. Business organizations have become aware of the tremendous power of hybrid mobile app development to assist customers and take an edge a bove their competitors. If a mobile app is good, it will end up giving immense value to the end-users, helping businesses achieve their goals as well.

Before jumping headlong into getting an app developed, there are a few things which need to clear from a company’s perspective-

Strategy- A solid idea as to why the mobile app is being developed in the first place, and how it will help the users.

Designing- The look, feel and usage of the app, in terms of manageability.

Development- Making the app idea a reality, that is bound by progress and project timelines.
Marketing- Getting hold of the right networks so that the created app can be sold to customers as a company product.

Consistent Maintenance- With an ever-present scope of improvement, a mobile app can never be dull and constantly upgraded for better overall compatibility.

Elements Contributing To A Great Mobile App

1- The App UI & UX

It is important that app users do not have to wait for long for what they want on the app. A lot of times, it is not the app that is bad, but a UX design that is underwhelming that causes problems to the end-users. An efficiently designed UX is important as it largely governs the preferences and user behavior.

A good UX design leads to better engagement with the users as it triggers a positive response. Moreover, if it is an app for a startup business, it will be the UX that will make you stand out from the others with something unique on offer.

2- App Architecture

Be it any of the app development technologies, a sophisticated mobile app architecture eases the efforts for developers as it becomes easier for them to execute changes as and when needed. Also, the great architecture will ensure that the various API’s, databases, and other components as well.

The architecture is something which should be decided beforehand so that the basic app remains the same even if the technical environment needs to be modified with changing trends and technologies.

3- Using The Agile Approach

Every mobile application needs to be customized as per the requirements of a particular business. For companies that provide Android App Development Services, using Agile methodologies is critical as it works wonders for the entire app development process.

With Agile methodology, a big project can be broken down into a number of smaller parts which are easy to manage. There is more clarity in communication and with cross-functional teams, eliminating bottlenecks is not difficult.

4- Budgeting

Budgeting is one of the more crucial elements in mobile app development. Professional companies that provide iPhone App Development Services understand this and break down the business plan in pointers and create a budget for the mobile app project.

While there are a lot of factors that influence the total budget of a mobile app, hiring a thoroughly experienced company for app development makes having a pretty efficient budget upfront, an hassle-free procedure for the client.

To sum it up, competition in the mobile app development world is getting more and more intense. With new businesses and start-ups understanding the potential of a mobile application, it is important to have all the above-mentioned points in check if you wish to make your app stand out from the herd.

It’s definitely not going to be a very easy job, but a company that is backed by experience, and has employees that are skilled in apps for Android and iPhone development, getting a perfect mobile application for yourself might not be that high a peak to scale.

Consagous Technologies has it all- a great team that has been at the core of its success, and an experience that is preceded by the numerous awards and accolades over the years.

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Benefits of Great Healthcare Apps During Covid-19 Pandemic

Benefits of Great Healthcare Apps During Covid-19 Pandemic

The global damage due to the COVID-19 has been unprecedented in terms of sheer magnitude. Countries like Italy and Spain almost surrendered to this global catastrophe. While these two countries were very late in taking consolidated measures to check the situation in their countries, it also indicates how there is a need for something ground-breaking when it comes to having a prior idea about potential medical threats all over the globe.

Germany, however, is one of those countries who responded spectacularly well to the outbreak in their space, which can largely be dedicated to digital healthcare infrastructure, helping them contain the outbreak efficiently. IT systems, bots, and healthcare mobile apps led to great planning in crisis management which made the Bavarian land record dramatically fewer fatalities.

Apart from this, there has been a meteoric rise in mobile apps focused on healthcare. But, due to the pandemic, their importance today is in a much sharper focus. A change was already being established through these apps, but it has increased manifold within a span of just a few days.

Here are some of the benefits that come from good healthcare mobile applications-

1- Healthcare Apps are a Blessing for Doctors & Nurses
The most fundamental advantage. Doctors, nurses, and all related medical staff have a boon with great healthcare applications. The best mobile apps provide a way to easily update information on patient health.

Moreover, these apps help you get doctor prescriptions as well, making it simple for your physicians to upload them digitally and also have easy accessibility.

With people locked down, treatments can still be taken care of.

As a leading healthcare app development company, Consagous creates seamless healthcare apps that increase convenience to a large extent.

*2- Mobile Healthcare Apps Can Reach the Most Remote Areas *
With smartphones available to people living even in the most remote areas, healthcare apps ensure that people of rural and remote areas get the best treatment for their ailments and get help in assistance with the COVID-19 crisis as well.

These apps also help them book an online appointment and order their medicines without leaving their homes.

3- Numerous Benefits for the Patients
When we take into consideration the benefits of healthcare mobile apps, it is the patients who get the largest share of them. Having related specialists, getting to know the test reports online, having a video call online with the doctor and so much more is what mobile healthcare apps have in store for patients.

With COVID-19, doctors too find it easy to have a look at their patients and gauge out further treatments as well.

Consagous Technologies has a team of experienced mHealth app developers who create apps that render amazing usability and utility to their users.

4- Collaboration of IoT with Mobile Healthcare Apps
The futuristic approach of IoT technology and its merger with a number of medical and healthcare apps have influenced the achievements of mind-boggling results. IoT provides a lot of assistance in making the entire development process more clutter-free and seamless.

For healthcare professionals too, things have become easier.

With healthcare, IoT has enabled superlative management of resources. Inventories can be stocked or modified as and when needed. And at a time when the stocks, staff, and management are being pulled hard, such powerful apps are providing respite from looking into these things and just tackling the patients.

5- Users Can Monitor Personal Health on Their Own
Great healthcare apps are loaded with features that help patients in monitoring their own health personally. Users can check their basic health parameters like blood sugar, cholesterol, heartbeat and more, and take necessary steps if there is any irregularity in time.

Doctors and other medical staff are undergoing a tough time as it is, and by keeping these basics in check, everyone is making a contribution to ensure that things get back to normal again. But, it is all about the app into consideration. So, choosing the right one is essential.

Leading healthcare software development company, Consagous Technologies is the best choice to create healthcare apps with top-notch technology platforms for operations.

Because they have simplified the lives of people globally, healthcare apps have become a necessity today. Given the coronavirus outbreak too, a number of complicated medical tasks and visits are being easily managed by people through these apps, which is a great thing and holds immense potential for the future too.

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Covid-19 & The Way to An Automated Future!

Covid-19 & The Way to An Automated Future!

To put it simply, the world has been on its toes since news of the coronavirus outbreak took the headlines by storm. Life has come to a halt, and governments are trying really hard to find out ways of combating this pandemic to the best of their capacities.

Millions of employees around the world have started working from home in the midst of this current situation. Countless retail businesses are having a hard time to take care of the supply, and customers too in their panic, have held up the stock of multiple items that range from toilet paper to food essentials.

In Wuhan though, which is the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak, Chinese E-commerce brand JD tested autonomous delivery robots and ran its fully automatic warehouses for 24 hours each day to manage the increase in demand of items. With people locked down in their homes, the requirement of autonomous machines has never been more pronounced, where they are something more than mere concepts.

A future that relies on automation was already coming, but given the epidemic, it has led to the acceleration of this particular process. Problems and issues which existed in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector have been exposed. Just being aware of catchy words and the hype surrounding this concept might have been a hindrance in taking accurate note of the progress.

If things actually need to be accelerated for getting to an automated future quickly, there are some much-needed reforms that need more attention than ever-

1. A New Set of Evaluation Metrics
With more and more autonomous machines finding deployment in the outside world, the usual metrics like cycle time, speed and success rates are no longer the accurate providers of the complete scenario.

This is what needs to be done in this case-

We need to evaluate system reliabilities under uncertain situations with metrics like the degree of human intervention in particular automated processes.
More standards and industry tools that are capable of conducting an overall evaluation of system performance under multiple cases as real-life scenarios come with a lot of uncertainty.
A few years ago, DevOps arrived on the scene to cut the development cycle short and provide top-notch software. In comparison, AI and ML are pretty new. However, MLOps and AIOps are increasingly being used, marking a crucial shift from just AI/ML based research to their use in actual products.

2. Redesigning Communication & Error Handling
We might be years away from getting fully autonomous solutions, but robotics is still pretty able to bring immediate utility for us. Even if involved in the operations to a certain degree, companies can bring about a considerable reduction in labor and other costs.

There is a need to come up with different categories for errors at different levels, design appropriate protocols and ensure that taking care of fatal errors is the first priority in every such case where a system can stop and will need human involvement to take care of.

Detecting those errors which are untraceable by the system too is another difficult facet to come to terms with, highlighting the importance of two-way communication, allowing users to mark errors or bring a contingency plan in effect.

3. Redefining Interaction Between Machines & Humans
Coronavirus has forced a huge number of companies in USA to make a quick shift to the cloud through the adoption of automation. Because there are just a handful of people who are charged with managing a large fleet of robots, it is yet to be seen if there are right kinds of technologies with us to ensure that information is quickly transferred for swift decision- making.

When it is about providing input to robots, we normally rely on machines like tablets or computers. But, with time, as the information pile keeps on increasing and response time needs to be more efficient, looking into the technologies of AR/VR might provide a lot of answers to revolutionize human-machine interaction.

The current pandemic is definitely playing its role in making us look for them quickly so that we can make sure that these futuristic and autonomous models are able to deliver when needed.

The above points will definitely prove to be a lot of help to the producers of such systems in making breakthroughs quickly.

If you are in need of sophisticated mobile applications and web products, Consagous Technologies is the leading Web and mobile development company USA, dedicated to give you cutting-edge solutions for your requirements.

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10 Best Fitness Apps for Complete Fitness in 2020

10 Best Fitness Apps for Complete Fitness in 2020

Nobody will ever refuse a little assistance when getting a little more fit is in context. You may be trying to lose some weight, gain more muscle, exercise more frequently, or even break new barriers in terms of intense workouts.

Fitness tracking apps are more than capable of providing you that much-needed assistance by consistently reminding you of your fitness targets and keeping you on track of achieving them. The best fitness mobile app also helps you gain access to a lot of other information and tools too, like a personal trainer feature that designs your workout, or something as simple as a calorie calculator.

In fact, subtle pushes from some really interactive fitness apps might actually lead you to the path of fitness. Fitness apps predominantly fit into some particular categories that include demand-based workouts, short workouts, activity tracking & even music.

As a user, there are a number of different fitness apps to provide you with the right kind of motivation. Here are 10 of the best fitness apps that you can install on your Android or iOS device and start working out with at your homes, amidst this COVID-19 lockdown-

1- 8 FIT
Platforms- Android & iOS
Charges- Free, $59.99/ year, $44.99/half-yearly, $19.99/month that includes meal plans and workouts

This app has a combination of demand-based workouts and meal planning. Moreover, the app creates a customized program for you in terms of the exercises as well as the diet you will have to follow. Perfect for people who love to have a lot of help, reminders, and suggestions, you can choose a goal and then begin working on it right away.

Platforms- iOS & Web

Charges- $0.99/month to get an exercise calendar, and $0.99 for video tutorials

This app is a culmination of a workout app, blog and also a YouTube channel by Casey Ho. Again, the app has demand-based workouts, fitness recommendations, recipes as well as tips to ensure positivity in the body.

Apart from this, users can also shop from a nice athleisure collection from the app itself.

Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- $27.99/quarter, and $99.99/year for Premium access

The Fit Radio app is a music streaming mobile app that has specific playlists for a number of their guided workouts. Users can find a playlist that suits their tempo, or a playlist that is according to the workout that they have planned to do. You can also pick music from a genre that’s entirely of your choice.

For free, you get limited access to Fit Radio, while the premium account will open you to all their workouts and unlimited music.

Platforms- Android, iOS, Windows, Web

Charges- $9.99/month, and $79.99 for a Premium account

The Fitbit Coach app allows you to watch workout videos which can be easily done anywhere. From simple stretching exercises to stair workouts, the routines are very easy to follow. Fitbit is a great app for people who prefer a human voice to take them through their workout regime.

Platforms- Web

Charges- $39/month and $288/year

With the Forte app, users can stream their live workout sessions and participate from their homes, hotel rooms or any other place. The instructor is audible and visible to you, but you won’t be audible or visible to them.

You can browse through the availability of sessions, their duration, the degree of intensity as well as the kind of equipment required.

Platforms- Android, Web, iOS

Charges- Free, $6.99/month and $39.99/year

Jefit is a workout app that focuses mainly on strength training, but users can customize their workouts as they wish. The app has a number of different routines which can be done and special exercises which focus on different kinds of muscle groups as well. There is also a scheduling feature to remind you of the routines for the coming days.

7- The Johnson and Johnson Official 7 Minute Workout
Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- Free

In technical terms, this app is a circuit training app that allows you to adjust some exercise in your day, with an intensity level that is according to your needs. You require just 7 minutes, just as the app name says. Jumping jacks, wall chair sits and tricep dips on chairs are some of the workouts that are available on this app.

It is a great fitness app as there is a great balance of information and simplicity, and is perfect for everyone.

Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- Free, $5.99/month, and $29.99/year

Map My Fitness is the perfect app for users who are new into fitness and have a long way to go. The app keeps a record of every single activity, even those like walking your dog or cleaning the house. When doing any activity, just launch the app, choose an activity and begin recording the time you spend on that activity, the calories burned and other related health data.

Platforms- iOS & Android

Charges- Free

The Mindbody app helps you to find local fitness, wellness and beauty resources in your location. The database is vast, which includes salons, yoga classes and more. The app also is enabled to help users book appointments at the available places, where the requirements for booking may vary.

Platforms- iOS, Android & Web

Charges- Free, $9.99/month, $30/half-yearly, and $44.99/year

MyPlate is a comprehensive fitness app that has everything- calorie tracker, weight management, workouts, and recipes as well. On first registering an account, the app asks you about your present fitness level and body composition. Right after that, you can choose on gaining or losing weight, while the app keeps a tab on your nutritional requirements.

These are the best fitness apps that you can use in 2020 to have a healthier and fitter you. The apps are loaded with features that make your fitness journey an easy and relaxed one, other than the workout pain and sweat that may arise due to fatigue.

It’s a win-win though, given the benefits fitness has on your overall health.

When it is about sophisticated fitness app development, Consagous uses the most seamless technology platforms to give you fitness apps that are in a league of their own.

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Telemedicine App Development - Trends, Features & Challenges

The concept of telemedicine is relatively new, but with the world moving at a great pace, thanks to the Internet, this concept too has been developing pretty quickly in its stride. This particular field has become very dynamic in its short life, and there are a number of complexities that arise with a concept that has garnered huge attention in such a short span of time.

In its most generic sense, telemedicine helps medical professionals treat patients by various video conferencing tools with the help of the Internet, where both the doctors and patients are in totally different locations. With sophisticated telemedicine applications and software solutions, professionals gauge a patient’s vitals over the Internet, making the entire process very easy.

A Little Behind the Telemedicine Concept
Telemedicine saw its inception about half a century ago, where a few hospitals tried to connect with their patients in remote locations through telemedicine. That was just a start though. Today, telemedicine has become a complex and integrated service domain that is used in hospitals, clinics, and in all types of healthcare infrastructure.

In the present scenario, the advancement in the field is truly exponential, which can be credited to wider accessibility and affordability for telemedicine tools.

Convenience, clubbed with the unavailability of thorough medical professionals, has contributed to a great degree in the rise of telemedicine companies, that successfully provide their patients a 27/7 access to quality services.

Defining Features of Great Telemedicine Apps
As a new concept and with the rise in telemedicine companies, telemedicine app development too has witnessed a powerful growth amidst the industry. Obviously, there are a lot of promising opportunities when a concept is at an initial phase, boosted by such a promising growth. With a lot of telemedicine apps reaching out to the market, here are some features that make the great ones stand out from the normal ones-

Support for Slow Internet Speed
In usual cases, it is difficult to find medical offices and hospitals that have a speedy Internet connection. Apps with the video conferencing feature too, generally require a higher bandwidth to function optimally. If a telemedicine app can support slower speeds, it is never bound to fail. A telemedicine app that is completely functional in less favourable conditions is a great option.

Complete Support for Patients and Professionals
There are some telemedicine apps that offer low support for a low-priced model. Great telemedicine apps offer a lot of features for both the professional staff as well as patients that help them in all kinds of requirements.

Integration of EHR
If it is a great telemedicine app, the app will definitely have an EHR (Electronic Health Record) integrated into its interface. The EHR reduces the possibilities of errors and inefficiencies and further provides users with the opportunity to easily schedule appointments and share health information of patients across different systems and platforms.

Telemedicine Trends to Look Out For
With the world under lockdown because of the COVID-19 outbreak, telemedicine has become more integral than ever before, and there are some trends that have the capacity to change this telemedicine scenario forever-

Better Access to Healthcare
For people of every background, telemedicine has opened doors to have unlimited access to quality healthcare services. With areas that have a lack of healthcare professionals, the importance of telemedicine cannot be stated enough. Definitely, the access shall be better than ever before.

Reduction in The Cost of Healthcare
With telemedicine apps finding more use, the costs involved in traveling and bills associated with hospital visits will see a decline, leading to quality healthcare but at a fraction of cost. This is going to find more relevance this year.

Better Levels of Patient Engagement Through Telemedicine Apps
Without a doubt, when patients are in the comfort of their homes and consult doctors through video conferencing, they will always find a better level of attention from their doctors. This will further lead to a better level of satisfaction among patients as well.

The Challenges in Telemedicine Apps
Like everything else, telemedicine app development is not completely foolproof. There are certain hurdles that have the potential to impact the steady growth of these apps. A few of the more critical challenges are-

  1. Data & User Security

For patients, their personal health information is the most critical, and for any telemedicine app, this information needs to be protected optimally so as to ensure complete security. Government policies too, keep on changing, making it more difficult to keep in line with the changes in safety regulations.

2.Ensuring the Best UI/UX

When it is about telemedicine apps, every app will have two parts- one for the patients, and other for doctors. Now, it will not be easy for a developer team to ensure a similar kind of ease in designing these apps.

A uniform UI/UX, that works seamlessly as two different parts and then gets integrated beautifully too is a challenge that will make all the difference in creating a robust telemedicine app.

There is no doubt that telemedicine apps have a great potential in the time to come. The sheer simplicity they lend to the daily lives of people will always take the telemedicine app trend a long way ahead. The feature-loaded prowess, the cost-saving, and increased convenience will come up as the winning formula in the future for sure.

When it comes to the perfect telemedicine app development, Consagous Technologies can create some superb apps that take care of each and every feature that will make your telemedicine app stand out from the rest.

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How Learning Management Software's are ensuring Education in the age of COVID-19

Consagous is a spectacular E-learning app development company that can help you out with some amazing LMS solutions of your business.


How Will SEO Help Companies Recover Through Covid-19?

How Will SEO Help Companies Recover Through Covid-19?

If psychologists are to be believed, it takes a duration of about 66 days to develop any kind of a habit. And the world has been forced to develop a lot of new habits since the last few months, given the COVID-19 outbreak. The gloom aside, the longer these lockdown measures stay in place, the more likely it is that there will be some major changes in consumer behaviour, which will stay for a long time to come.

Because of the fact that people have been forced to stay in their homes, those who had tentative perceptions about ecommerce shopping or making online payments before, have no choice but adapt to this change, as it has been widespread through every major industry in the world.

Online purchasing, store side pickup and home delivery have become the new trends that have become routine. All of this with the main motive of maintaining a really safe physical distance from each other.

People are using the Internet more than ever before in the light of this pandemic, and companies have the perfect opportunity to be visible to their target audience with great SEO for their content. SEO service providers, in fact, can turn the tide in favour of companies even during these hard times.

We have a number of reasons to stand by our statement. Here are some of them-

1- SEO Provides Consistent Traffic for a Long Time
Yes, it is true that SEO needs an initial investment in terms of finance and resources, but it is also true that SEO lends a genuine flow of traffic once a company earns a good search engine ranking.

As a company, the content created today can continue to serve you in the future, and can also be updated from time to time keeping in mind the changing trends and preferences when the world undergoes its economic recovery in the aftermath of COVID-19.

2- Automatic Enhancement of User Experience With SEO
The use of best SEO practices for the optimization of your website for the new customers leads to an improvement in the overall user experience. Company websites become better organized and have a better navigation with content optimization.

This is one of the main reasons why every Digital Marketing company today has SEO as its biggest offerings.

3- SEO Gives Great Conversion Benefits as Well

During the entire process of content planning and creation, the main focus is always on taking a customer to the next step on the website. This takes the ultimate route of converting the customer for a company. COVID-19 has taken a customer’s media content need at an all-time high and filling this demand void with spectacularly crafted content can work wonders for any brand whatsoever.

While the scenario won’t permit every potential customer to help generate a sale, it is perfectly in the lines of logic to ensure some other action from the customer that can help establish a better relationship for the future.

4- Fresh SEO-Based Content Will Always Help In Visibility
Google wants to display the most accurate information to its searchers, that is true in every imaginable sense. If companies keep posting quality content on their platforms, which is well-researched, optimized and completely original, there will be higher chances to appear in the search results even amidst a little related result.

It is not necessary to upload COVID-19 content repeatedly to gain visibility. Constantly updating the content in terms of stats, graphs and media can be a great option too.
Because the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown everything into the depths of uncertainty, SEO is the best option to tackle the affected business interruptions quickly and efficiently.

Search results with SEO will keep companies informed of every stage in the COVID-19 response-
• Protection of brand image, demand in the present and future, relationships, and even online presence.
• Complete awareness as companies prepare new products, services, and strategies.
• Preparing for a new world after COVID-19, and how can a company take its brand operations forward in the coming time.

Till the time there is a change in the situation, SEO definitely will be the most responsive tool for figuring out and addressing consumer needs. As a leading SEO services company in USA, Consagous Technologies can prove to be the perfect ally for all your SEO related needs.

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