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Top activities in Tianjin – shades of an authentic Chinese holiday

From European style streets, jaw-dropping scenery to museums that provide great learning and enjoyment, Tianjin paves the way for a remarkable time with friends and family.


Tianjin Folklore Museum

Found in the heart of Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street is the Tianjin Folklore Museum which will escort you through the fascinating elements that comprise one of the area's most treasured destinations. With close to 2,000 items that relate to weavings, brick carvings, clay sculptures and daily practices including those concerning marital rituals will be on display once you enter. Also, the developments that have occurred with regards to Tianjin's salt trade and water transportation can be viewed and understood at great length.


Great Wall at Huangya Pass

Found some 30 km to the north of Tianjin's Jixian County, here is a portion of this astounding creation where time can be spent in awe of the alluring mountains & sunsets coupled with features of the Wall itself. Seen as a brilliant means of exploring the Great Wall owing to the fact that this area does not receive as many tourists as other parts, travellers ought to make note of the average altitude that can reach 738 meters. Further, this section is referred to as the 'Music Wall' as once you begin walking, a certain sound similar to that played from a piano can be heard.


Italian Style Street

Feel as if you are walking along the streets of Milan as such would be the atmosphere when one arrives at the Italian Style Street. Here, travellers like you will have the opportunity to go on tours with expert local guides who will introduce you to each and every section of the area. An array of shopping stores and comfy restaurants is sure to come into focus once you are out and about. Pick up beautiful Venetian masks before settling down to wholesome fare, cooked with passion and love.


Five Great Avenues

Named after 5 cities that are found in China's south-west, the Five Great Avenues will make you feel right at the very center of Europe. Rent a bicycle and tour at your own pace, passing by beautiful rose gardens that add to the appeal of each avenue. Further, hop into a horse-driven carriage and embark on a wonderful escapade that will have you unearthing the glorious past of Europe and all it stands for. Undoubtedly, the architectural elements will soon have you grabbing your camera and clicking at a rate of knots!


Eye of Tianjin

Considered the only ferris wheel to have been constructed on a bridge, the Eye of Tianjin will have vacationers enjoying stunning views within a 40 km radius for a full half an hour. Seen as a good way to get away from it all and capture the appealing sites of Tianjin, the ferris wheel moves at a relatively slow pace which means that one has plenty of time to savour a bird's eye view of the Yongle Bridge too.


Street Food

The best place to sample mouthwatering street food creations would be at the old down town section of the Heping District. This is where one will discover Nanshi Food Street and its marvelous offerings. Try some Erduoyan fried cake to work up an appetite before shifting focus towards fruit pancakes and stuffed buns for lunch or tea. On a concluding note, do look at the option of finding a suitable means of accommodation from where your adventures could be planned. One such example is Pan Pacific Xiamen which is amongst many Xiamen hotels that provide favourable lodging.

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