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7 best Music Reviews by Manu Pallage

It's always a pleasure to read Manu Pallage's review. He is not compromising anything against quality. His reviews are always driven by his love of Rock and Folk music.

Manu Pallage is an IT Professional whose passion is music and Classic Rock'n Roll. He gets to give his review of those nice vinyls we're promoting on Soundorabilia.


The Eagles Debut Album 1972 - Manu's Review - Soundorabilia

A unique mix of country-rock, ballads, rock-and-roll and amazing singing harmonies, it was an instant hit. It features the legendary ´Take It Easy’ and ´Witchy Woman’. These are obviously hit singles, hence damn good. But, for shivers, you may want to play the rockier ´Chug All Night’ and ´Take The Devil’ loud. They will blow your mind.

The Pixies Surfer Rosa album - Manu's Review - Soundorabilia

Released exclusively in the UK in 1988 by an indie label, Pixies’ Surfer Rosa is their first major album. Surprisingly, although it is praised today as being one of the 500 best albums ever (one that laid the foundations of alternative rock), it was not a commercial success at first.

And it had to wait until 1992 before being released in the US, again with limited success. Reviews by major critics evolved over time in spectacular fashion and the album ultimately became a gold album in 2005…17 years after its release!!

Fleetwood Mac 1980 Live album - Manu’s review - Soundorabilia

Some don’t like live albums. I most certainly do. And this first Fleetwood Mac Live album’s most successful lineup is one of the best of the kind.

The quality of recording of the Fleetwood Mac 1980 Live album is exceptional and the album captures the atmosphere of the triumphant 1979-1980 Tusk Tour.

Under A Blood Red Sky by U2 (1983) - Manu's Review - Soundorabilia

We all have an album that we played over and over when we were teens. The One you still know every song of, every comment by the band, every reaction of the audience, every sound, by heart.

Mine is Under A Blood Red Sky by U2 (mini live album). This is so powerful, so energetic. Each time I play it I feel that I am part of the incredibly lucky audience with whom the band is communing.

Time fades away by Neil Young - Manu's review - Soundorabilia

Time fades away is a clear must-have for any loyal fan of ´the Loner’ as well as for any vinyl collector! This live album was released in the Summer of 1973 and never has been edited on CD, which makes the original vinyl version, one of the most sought after Neil Young’s albums.

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller (1991) – Manu’s review - Soundorabilia

Into Tomorrow by Paul Weller is a favorite of mine. It actually is the first album of Paul after a couple of troubled years that saw a drop of the public’s interest in The Style Council up to a point where the band was refused a contract to produce its fifth album. Into Tomorrow features 4 tracks amongst which the brilliant ‘Into Tomorrow’. It was released by Paul, under the name ‘The Paul Weller Movement’ and on his own independent label!

Stephen Stills Manassas 1972 double LP – Manu’s review - Soundorabilia

Released in April 1972, Manassas is the first album of Stills side project Manassas. It was an instant success, acclaimed by critics and awarded gold just a month after its release. There are many good reasons for this album to be in your collection of vinyls!