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New Upcoming Games 2020 - Gamers Mania % % % %

Today we are gonna review the new upcoming games 2020 for pc. Therefore, lets see which type of games are introduced. We got a list of some of the games as follows:

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot
Destiny 2 Class Overview - Gamers Mania

Destiny 2 is an online multiplayer action adventure game. This is first-person shooting free-to-play game developed Bungie. This game was first released on September 6, 2017 only for Xbox and PS4. It

Falaq Clan Pakistan Esports Team - Gamers Mania

Falaq Clan created and started by Ducky Bhai. Famous you-tuber ducky bhai started this clan and is looking to expand it. This team consists of Fortnite and PUBG player. They are looking forward to exp

Esports Best Player Awards 2019 - Gamers Mania

The gaming awards is an annual award ceremony to give-away awards to the gaming industries and players. The 2019 Esports Awards took place on November 16th. At Esports Stadium Arlington in Arlington,

Dominance Of Astralis in Past Years - Gamers Mania

Pure power and dominance - that sounds like a perfect description for what astralis did in 2018. They won seven premiers and three majors, as well as intel grand slam worth of  1 million dollars prize

Pakistani Became world champion - Tekken 7 - Gamers Mania

Arslan Siddique a 24-year old young gun from historic city of Lahore. Became world champion of the Tekken 7 in no time. He belongs to a middle class family. Arslan Ash was preparing to be a doctor whi

Why Apex Legends is Better than the Pubg? - Gamers Mania

Apex Legends is way more better then PUBG. Because Apex Legends is straight first person shooting with a lot of abilities and fast paced game like Overwatch. PUBG mainly focuses on the shooting and th

Fivem Roleplay Mod Grand Theft Auto V - Gamers Mania

Fivem Roleplay Mod is a modification for Grand Theft Auto V enabling you to play multiplayer on customized dedicated servers. It is a software which is used to create modified servers. On which lots p

Google Stadia Gaming Platform - Gamers Mania

Google Stadia is Cloud gaming service operated by google. Stadia platform is for streaming video games upto 4K resolution and 60 FPS with high dynamic range. For the players across the world, to playe

CS:GO Operation Shattered Web - Gamers Mania

CS:GO has launched a new operation called shattered web. In which CS:GO brings new skins, collections and more as well as the Krieg price revert. Operation Shattered Web is CS:GOs latest operation, c

Face-It Anti Cheat - Gamers Mania

Faceit anti-cheat is a client and its server based system. Faceit Anti-Cheat is used to detect players using hacks, cheats and third party softwares which helps them in Aim assist. You can do chat wit

Pool Gala Season 2020 has Begun - Gamers Mania

Pool Gala Season 2020 is a seasonal event, In which you can win a lot of prizes and rewards by winning tournament and showing your skills. The more you win, more you will get rewards!
You can get coi

Red Dead Redemption 2 Released for Pc - Gamers Mania

Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game developed and published by Rockstar Games. It was released in October 2018 only for PS4 and Xbox One. But with the demand rising for this game now in

PUBG Mobile is No More Popular as it was in 2018 - Gamers Mania

Pubg is going down because of the new battle royale games been introduced. Because of a lot of players are switching to other battle royale games. PUBG has low graphics, stability and lag issues in r

Season 10 Royale Pass PUBG Mobile - Gamers Mania

PUBG Mobile Season Pass:
Season 10 royale pass? Season Pass allows you to rank up and claim some of the best guns skin, gear, bike and vehicles skins. In this season there is something new coming for

Premium Pool Pass is Worth Buying 8 Ball Pool - Gamers Mania

Premium Pool Pass is a seasonal event, In which you can win a lot of prizes and rewards by winning tournament and showing your skills. The more you win, more you will get rewards!
You can get coins b

Duos Mode In Apex Legends Announced - Gamers Mania

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale that pits teams of three players against each other. But on November 5, everything changes for a while, at least. It is possible that it is overselling it

Stream Overlays for Gaming 2019 - Gamers Mania

Stream overlays are as important as streaming in gaming. It not only attracts audience but It help you keep you audience engaged and confident. People like it when they see their name on the screen, t

OBS Studio Black Screen Solution - Gamers Mania

In OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software), the capture tab allows you to capture everything that is being displayed on your screen. You can capture the footage from any window on your computer, includ

Real Free Money Gta V Pc Online 2019 - Gamers Mania

Real free money is a Gta V online trick with access to a lot of money for everyone. All it needs is a bunker with a few supplies under construction. With each stock shipment use it to get 5 Million do

Best Free Esp for CSGO Online 2019 - Gamers Mania

Counter Strike is a multiplayer first person shooting video game for windows operating system developed by valve corporation. The game consists of two teams against each other. Terrorists and the Coun

Roleplay Money Glitch FiveM 2019 - Gamers Mania

Roleplay Money Glitch FiveM is a best way to make money in role-play these days. When Gta V was new everyone was hacking to get money but if you do it now you risk yourself. Now these hacks are useles

Esp Wall Pubg Mobile Emulator 2019 - Gamers Mania

Esp Wall is a Pubg mobile tool for emulator players. It comes with simple injection in the main menu. After the injection player will be able to see a menu by pressing insert key. In menu player can e

Dying light Game still Worth It? Why? - Gamers Mania

Dying Light is an open-world action horror game. Launched by Tech-land and published by Warner Bros. Dying light was launched back in 2015. But this is one of the finest game that is still worth play

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