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Top 10 Trending Technology article you should not miss to read.

Here are the best selected articles to improve your knowledge and make your self educated about Technology.

Is Microsoft CRM Safe to Implement for Startups? | Pitch Informer

The answer to this question would depend on the type of startup. Many individuals start a business based on their skills and experience and have no plans to make it a national or global operation. In this case Microsoft Dynamics CRM may be overkill. If they serve only a handful of local customers with just a couple of products or services then they may not even need a CRM. On the other hand there are startups with venture capital funds and goals to become international. For them a CRM is indispensable right from the word go and Microsoft Dynamics CRM fits like a glove, especially if the startup opts for Microsoft solutions across the board.

Mobile App Development Trends that Matter in 2020 and Onwards | Pitch Informer

Smartphones are becoming smarter and so are the apps. Apps are taking on some measure of intelligence too, much to the delight of smartphone users. Much of the credit goes to mobile app developers implementing the latest emerging technologies. Here are a few trends in mobile app development that will stay here and play a key role in future developments for mobile apps too.

Digital Marketing Tech Innovations and Trends for 2020 | Pitch Informer

Digital marketing is in a fluid state and portends innovations for 2020 that will likely overshadow existing tech and become trends in the time to come.

How Machine Learning Can Keep You Out of Trouble | Pitch Informer

Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence and usually associated with business and government. Most of the big names like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are heavily into ML since it is so clearly the present and the future. How, one wonders, does it help to keep you out of trouble? Read on.