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5 Types of mammals that are native to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a charming little island which has plenty of rich appeals. Many people all over the world travel to the island to discover all of its unique charms. Indeed, this country has been named as the best travel destination in the world too! Natural landscapes, gorgeous beaches, a unique culture as well as flourishing biodiversity are all here for you to enjoy. The article below provides some information about 5 types of mammals that you will be able to find only in the paradise island of Sri Lanka.


Purple Faced Langur

The purple faced langur is a beautiful mammal in the country. It is also known as purple faced monkey. It is known to be a species of Old World monkey. It has a brown appearance as well as a dark face. The temperament of this monkey can be described as rather shy! It used to be quite common in the city of Colombo several years ago. Even in villages, it was quite easy to spot these monkeys sometime back. But rapid urbanization has resulted in a significant loss these darling beings.


Layard’s Palm Squirrel

This is yet another charming species which you will find only in Sri Lanka. It is a species of rodents. It can only be seen in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. You will be able to spot these creatures as you enjoy hikes in the Knuckles Mountain Range. It has a blackish brown color and has three stripes on its dorsum.


Golden Palm Civet

Golden Palm Civet, which is endemic to Sri Lanka has been listed as Vulnerable in the IUCN Red List. Sometime back these animals were quite common in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka but as of late, their numbers have been rapidly declining. It has a brown shade while the tail and face are lighter in shade.


Ohiya Rat

This is one of the endemic mammals in Sri Lanka. You will be able to find these beautiful animals in many parts of the country. It has a body length that varies between 15 and 18 cm. The head of this rat is relatively large. The large ears on its head are pink on the inside too. The small, almond shaped eyes are bright and alert.


Sri Lankan elephant

The majestic Sri Lankan elephant is one of the most beautiful animals you will see in the country. There are many national parks in the country where you will get the chance to spot Sri Lankan elephants. Sri Lanka Elephant Conservation is a major project which is being carried out in many different parts of the country. The human elephant conflict is one of the greatest challenges that the people in the country have to face. Due to this ongoing issue, many elephants have been killed in the past, making conservation efforts a dire need in the country.
Hope the information above will help you to gain a good understanding about the mammals in Sri Lanka.