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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 27, 2020
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5 Exciting Things To Do Near Orchard Road Singapore - The most famous activities of Orchard Road

In case you don't already know, Orchard road is wildly famous for its malls. But that's not it- there are a million other different things you can do to spend time around Orchard Road. Here are our best picks of exciting things to do near Orchard Road when in Singapore.


Pay a Visit To Emerald Hill Road

Among a notorious lot of giant shopping malls along the Orchard Road is one of the most attractive streets of this city- Emerald Hill. Located just behind the Orchard Central, it used to once be an upscale residential area for Peranakans. A walk down the street gives you a whiff of how the whole province would have looked back in the early 1900s- it's like time just happened to freeze there! The splendid blend of art deco and Chinese Baroque styles provide a subtle yet obvious contrast in the designs of two separate eras. Not only can you marvel at the architecture, treat yourself to happy hour at one of the many bars that crowd the street.


Singapore Art Museum

Located in the heart of Singapore's major shopping district on Bras Basah Road, the museum features a distinguished collection of over 8000 artifacts which perfectly demonstrates the Singaporean and Southeast Asian modern and contemporary art. Run fully in line with international standards, the museum features over 14 fully climate-controlled galleries. In addition to the stunning paintings on display, there is also a vivid collection of photography and installation pieces. It can be the wildest experience getting to first-hand have a glimpse at the messages that artists over the periods have attempted to communicate through their creations!


The National Museum of Singapore

Not only is it the oldest museum that exists in the city-state, but it is also one of the most prominent national monuments that exist! Known earlier as the Raffles Library and Museum, the National Museum of SIngapore was initially a part of the Singapore Institutions library. Post-renovation, which lasted in total over 3 years, the museum reopened its doors to the public in 2006. It is the biggest museum in the whole of the country and exhibits largely reflect the rich history of Singapore as well as Asia as a region.


Fort Canning Park

This is exactly the kind of greenery that the city-state of Singapore needs to liven up the atmosphere. It is located very close to Orchard Road and is one of the city's most significant historical landmarks. It is simply impossible to miss and no matter which Orchard Road hotels you might be staying at, for instance, the Grand Park Orchard, chances are you would probably still be absurdly close to the Fort Canning Park. Going into the Fort Canning Park is probably what walking into heaven feels like- the sense of coolness and purity that takes over you is simply overwhelming and is beyond indescribable. Dating back to the WWII period, Fort Canning was also home to Battle Box- an interesting underground tunnel complex.


The Istana

The Istana was previously also known as the Government House and is the regal landmark where the Singaporean President's office is located. It was built between 1867 and 1867 under the vision and guidance of Sir Harry St George Ord, Singapore's very first governor. With intricate details following the neo-Palladian Anglo-Indian influence, the beautiful surroundings and landscaping is simply stunning and features along with a 6ft high Queen Victoria statue, 4 ponds as well as an old well.

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