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Saka Water

Saka water is an Award Winning Premium Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. Created only by nature, it makes it purest water in Australia. Saka Water comes from the springs in Hendek, Sakarya, located in the pristine Koroglu Mountain. It’s not tap water or processed spring water. It’s a simple and rare delicacy found only in a few places around the world. Enjoy every day with confidence in purity, smooth taste, Mother Nature’s structure, mineral content, Source, with high pH water bottle.

Saka Water – Natural Alkaline Water

Saka water is an Award Winning Premium Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. Created only by nature, it rises from a pure, remote and protected mystical Spring, a special source of true refreshment that will awaken your senses and inner being. It’s not tap water or processed spring water. It’s a simple and rare delicacy found only in a few places around the world.

All you need to know about alkaline water bottled in Australia

Saka water is an Award Winning Premium Natural Alkaline Mineral Water. Created only by nature, it rises from a pure, remote and protected mystical Spring, a special source of true refreshment that will awaken your senses and inner being. It’s not tap water or processed spring water. It’s a simple and rare delicacy found only in a few places around the world.

20 Litres – 4 x 5lt Saka Water bottles

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Best Natural Alkaline Mineral Water 24 x 500ml Bottles

Buy bulk and save with our 24 bottle cases of Saka Natural Alkaline Water, the best water you will ever taste. Order yours online today! 100% GUARRANTEED

Number 1 Selling Alkaline Water 6 x 500ml Bottles

Our 500ml bottles of Saka Water are the perfect size for everyday use. Cheaper than most water bottles sold in retail stores at only $1.50 per bottle.

Best Natural Alkaline Mineral Water 6 x 1.5lt Bottles

Created by nature and bottled at the source, Saka Water has an 8.22pH level and now comes in convenient 1.5lt bottles. Australia wide delivery available.

Benefits of having a high pH: Natural Alkaline Water is the solution!

Natural Alkaline water is rich in minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Its consumption helps to keep the body free of toxins. So, there is no doubt that consuming Natural Alkaline Water is healthier than the other. However, excessive alkalizing the stomach can result in difficulty digesting food and other discomforts.

Alkaline Water Australia - Is drinking distilled water better than mineral water?

Purifying water at high temperatures where dangerous elements are eliminated to ensure the maximum purity of the water – the process is called Distillation. To know whether it is safe to consume, you need to know its detailed production. Is it better than alkaline water?

What is alkaline water and what are its benefits?

Alkaline water maintains that it can help delay the aging process, regulate the body's pH level and prevent diseases such as bronchial asthma, dermatitis, neuralgia, among others. We will tell you what alkaline water is and what the benefits ofHigh pH Water.

Alkaline Water: Things To Know About It

This alkali-treated water has a high pH level, and that means more hydrogen ion content in the water. It means this high alkali content can neutralize the acid in your body. The acid content in your body does not just exist in your blood but also gets in when you overeat rich gravies and curries. The high acid levels in blood levels can cause damage to the heart and even cancers—the alkaline water packs in a host of other benefits that we shall elaborate on now.

An Insider’s View Of pH Of Water

The water from the tap is having an average pH level of 7. But, if you notice some kind of rusty color like blue or red on your water pipes, then it tends to turn acidic means its level is below 6 or 6.5. You can even test the high pH water level or low pH through the litmus paper test at home. The homeowners can even bring the water testing kit, where you can dip the pen-like tool to test the pH level of the water. These tests help you to get aware of the risks associated with the intake of acidic or highly alkaline water.

Filtered Water v/s Alkaline Water: What You Need To Know?

Water is an essential part of the human body as it provides hydration and keeps your body working. Moreover, it flushes out the toxins from your body that may hamper your health. As we can see, many water types available in the market like filtered water, bottled water, naturally alkaline water, purified water, or just regular tap water. So, here we will be talking about Filtered Water v/s Natural Alkaline Water.

Is Alkaline Water Effective Or Is It Just A Hearsay?

A new entrant in this league is the humble, “basic water” aka the alkaline water. People around the world are now slugging down saline water, and they carry it whenever they go out to quench their thirst. It has become even more famous with the top celebrities like Beyonce endorsing it. What does this alkaline water contain? Bottled or tap water having a higher pH level of more than 6.5 to 7 is alkaline in nature. Top brands are already in the market, taking up the lion’s share in the market of producing and marketing what they assume, the best alkaline water.

Drinking natural alkaline water in the times of a pandemic

When the entire world is combatting the outbreak of COVID-19. Know more about drinking habits and understand the importance of drinking natural alkaline water. Keep yourself hydrated!

Science-based Health Benefits of Drinking Purest Water - Saka Water

Do you know some secret benefits of purest water? Let’s reveal the top 10 real health benefits of drinking purest water that you never heard before.

30 Days Before and After Skin Challenge of Drinking Alkaline Water

I took up this alkaline water drinking challenge by continuing with the same daily routine apart from the water source. My diet, workout, diet regimen.

How drinking more water can help you with weight loss

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6 myths and facts about the water you need to know

We are surrounded by all types of myths and misconceptions that it becomes quite difficult to understand the facts. There are some myths that have continued since ancient times and though scientific evidence has proved otherwise, we still believe in them. Here, we will talk about some very popular myths related to water. Myths related to high pH water to several glasses per day to several benefits of drinking water and so on. The problem with us is that we don’t doubt when some myths start making rounds around us and we just believe for the sake of it. However, when it comes to water myths, this is an eye-opener blog that you need to read and share among your friends and peers. 

How to test the pH of drinking water?

Based on the pH of water, it is decided whether the water is healthy for the body or not. For example, high pH water with the value ranging from 7 to 14 is more alkaline water which is considered good for the body. On the other hand, water pH value ranging from 0 to 7 is acidic water which is not good for the body.

What are the best types of water to drink?

While drinking water, we mostly don't think about which type of water it is. Well, if truth to be told, different types of water have different effects, good or bad on our bodies and all these water types have different properties and benefits. Also, it would be difficult to identify any one of them as purest water as all of these water types are processed to meet the standards regulated by the government authorities. How about taking a glimpse of all these water types and know about their specific properties?

Covid-19: Tips to boost your immune system during this pandemic | Fitness Republic

The only defense you have against the pandemic called Covid-19 is your immune system. The primary reason why Covid-19 infection is resulting in deaths of elders and kids is their weak immune system. There is no cure for Covid-19 as of now and what we can do is follow the guidelines and regulations suggested by the government authorities and take some steps to make our immune system stronger and better like eating good foods, drinking purest water and exercise regularly.

Natural Spring Water Vs Purified water - What's the difference?

Natural Spring water is collected from underground water basins, valleys and mountains. People consider the natural filtaration process of spring water for better tasting.

How to make alkaline water at home

Simplistic means of living can add pleasures to life. The concept of good health rests on the types of food and drinks one consumes. For restoring good health, nothing works better than drinking a glass of toxin-free water.

6 Major Benefits Of Drinking Natural Alkaline Water

A few repetitive medical suggestions broadly feature out the sayings of drinking eight ounces of water a day. A healthy way to manage good health is to follow the routine of optimal hydration. In permitting the body for allowance of drinking water, the concerted effort rightly works on checking the content of purity.

Things You Should Know About The Cancer And Dehydration

The human body is a complex mechanism. The structural arrangements of the human body are such that it can result in any disorders. For arresting the worst condition, preventive measures are better. Though multiple operations sync in the human body, yet following a daily health routine is a must.