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SwagCycle: Recycle Obsolete Branded Merchandise

SwagCycle is a startup focused on responsibly managing the lifecycle of branded merchandise.

4 Best Practices In Upcycling That Are Turning Trash Into Treasure

Upcycling is a unique trend that is growing in popularity. Upcycling goes beyond recycling waste because the process doesn’t require degradation of the original material. Rather, upcycling transforms or repurposes old goods into newer items of higher perceived value. While there are several ways to upcycle your old items, we will focus on the top four we’ve found.

What Is Environmental Sustainability?

We all know what recycling is, but how many of us know what does environmental sustainability mean and its importance? Whether it’s separating your plastics, paper, cardboard and aluminum from your food waste, or bringing computers and other electronic equipment to recycling centers, most of us are aware of how to properly recycle our trash. But the term “sustainability” can be a bit confusing for those not in the field.

Most Effective Ways to Keep Waste Out of Landfills

There are a lot of items that we use in lifestyle and find yourself throwing into the trash. Even people with good intentions throw waste into the rubbish bin which may not be recycled. this suggests that folks are unaware of which products are often recycled and may nor be.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Recycling

The average American generates almost five pounds of waste per day, adding up to almost 300 million tons of waste produced nationally each year. Recycling plays a significant role in limiting the amount of this waste. that gets sent to landfills and incinerators and recovers valuable materials for transformation into new products.

Charitable Partner Profile: Dress For Success Boston

This post is part of a series of profiles highlighting charitable organizations that SwagCycle partners with to make sure that the branded merchandise that we help keep out of landfills ultimately ends up in the hands of individuals who can put it to good use. Follow along with us to learn more about our dedicated partners and the causes they serve.

What To Do With Unwanted Clothes?

Clothes that are damaged, stained, or holey can be given to textile and fabric recycling or use portions of them to create new items such as face masks, padding for chairs, car seats, cleaning cloths, and industrial blankets.

An Overview: American Landfills and Waste Production

The normal American throws 4.4 pounds of waste every day. It may not appear to be too shocking on a superficial level, yet with 323.7 million individuals living in the United States, that is about 728,000 tons of day-by-day trash enough to fill 63,000 dump trucks.

Popular Concepts to Reuse Unwanted Clothes Efficiently | by SwagCycle

It’d make life a lot easier if clothes lasted forever, but unfortunately, that is not the situation. After a lot of wear and tear and washing and drying out, most clothing items start to get exhausted, dirty, and just generally old-looking -not exactly something that you want to maintain wearing in case you don’t have to.

Upcycling vs. Recycling: What’s the Difference? | SwagCycle

Upcycling, a unique trend that is growing in popularity, goes beyond recycling because it doesn’t require degradation of the original material. Rather, upcycling transforms or repurposes old goods into newer items of potentially higher perceived value. Through upcycling, items can be transformed into better versions of themselves or repurposed into new items that offer an entirely different function.

How Textile Recycling Works — SwagCycle | by SwagCycle

Clothes recycling is essential for material reusing. It includes recuperating old dresses and shoes for arranging and handling. Final results incorporate dress appropriate for reuse, fabric scraps, or clothes just as stringy material. Interest in a piece of clothing reusing is quickly on the ascent because of ecological mindfulness and landfill pressure.

5 Benefits Of Recycling — SwagCycle | by SwagCycle

Reusing paper and wood saves trees and backwoods. Indeed, you can plant new trees, however, you can’t supplant virgin rainforest or old forests whenever they’re lost. Reusing plastic methods making less new plastic, which is certainly something to be thankful for, particularly as it’s typically produced using petroleum product hydrocarbons.

Thinking About the Life of a T-shirt | SwagCycle

We buy about two billion t-shirts globally every year, making the t-shirt one of the most common garments in the world. But we rarely stop to think about how the average t-shirt is produced and what its environmental impact is. Follow along with us as we trace the lifecycle of a t-shirt from obtaining raw materials through disposal, and share tips for minimizing the environmental and social footprint of your wardrobe.

What are The Disadvantages of Disposing Solid Waste in Landfills

One ton of biodegradable waste can create around 400–500 cubic meters of landfill gas. Landfill gas contains methane and carbon dioxide as the significant constituents and hints of different gases. Methane is an ozone-depleting substance that is 25x more strong than carbon dioxide.

Importance And Benefits Of Recycling

Reusing is considerably more than simply decreasing the measure of waste shipped off the landfill, with a not insignificant rundown of advantages that aren’t restricted to the climate — there are financial and social benefits to reusing.

What I Can Do With Clothes Which Cannot Be Donated?

With new garments comes the requirement for more space in your closet. Or maybe you just need to downsize your storeroom to a decent assortment of fundamentals that you’ll wear. All together not to add to our way of life of waste, how would you be able to manage your old garments? 

Focusing On LifeCycle Of Branded Merchandise

In this episode of Sustainable Practices we speak with Ben Grossman founder of SwagCycle. SwagCycle is a startup focused on responsibly managing the lifecycle of branded merchandise. When companies rebrand or get acquired, many often dispose of their obsolete branded merchandise.

What Should You Do With Leftover Promotional Items?

Sometimes there are leftover products after your event or trade show, it’s being expected. It is always better to have too much than too little. But what is the best thing to do with these leftover promotional items that are no longer useable?

What are The Disadvantages of Disposing Solid Waste in Landfills Sites?

Many materials that end up as waste contain poisonous substances. Over the long haul, these poisons drain into our dirt and groundwater and become ecological risks for quite a long time. Electronic waste is a genuine model. Waste like TV's PCs, and other electronic apparatuses contain a considerable rundown of unsafe substances, including mercury, arsenic, cadmium, PVC, solvents, acids, and lead.


Recycling Basic, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Unwanted Stuff

Recycling Basic, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle Unwanted Stuff

Recycling is the method of transforming waste materials into new materials and objects. Recycling can prevent the devastation of potentially useful materials and decrease the destruction of fresh raw materials by reducing energy usage, air pollution, and water pollution. SwagCycle is produced by one of the leading promotional products organizations in the United States, so we know this industry well.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Recycling.

The relationship of post-consumer plastic recyclers says to crush plastic compartments prior to sending them to the reusing office. Destroying, the compartments can thwart bottle covers from making efforts off at high rates when the containers are crushed.

Managing and Reducing Wastes

The best method to diminish your association’s waste is to produce less in any case. Squander anticipation offers the best ecological advantages and costs reserve funds. Reduce: Associations can adjust their present practices to diminish the measures of waste created by changing the plan, assembling, buy, or utilization of materials or items.

How to Recycle Your Branded Unwanted Old Clothes – SwagCycle

If you are thinking about how to oversee old pieces of clothing? Before tossing them in the trash, consider clothing recycling. Your out-of-date and discarded wardrobe could end up like the 2.5 million tons of materials that were reused in 2018 - as opposed to the 11.3 million tons that were dumped in landfills.

Landfills: A Serious Problem For The Environment

Landfills are neither open dumps nor just some opening in the ground. A basic landfill simply incorporates the covering of solid waste with soil. This is basic to diminish the number of landfill gases — methane and carbon dioxide- working up with the air, which can be perilous to the earth and living creatures.

Leftover Promotional Items? Problem Solved By SwagCycle.

You went all in and requested a lot of special giveaways for your organization’s new occasion. Unquestionably, the giveaways established connections, worked with brand openness, and reverberated with your possibilities and clients. As such, they took care of their work.

SwagCycle Aims at Landfill Divergence - WhatTheyThink

Every year, tons of unwanted materials end up in landfills around the globe. SwagCycle, founded by Ben Grossman of Grossman Marketing Group, is a platform that matches donors with recipients for materials that can be re-used or recycled, giving them a second life and keeping them out of the landfill. Ben shares the details in this interview.