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Stem cell Therapy

Pain Mangement

10 Conditions treated with Regenerative therapy | Medica Stem Cells

Regenerative medicine involves using your own body’s tissue to help heal injury and listed here are 10 Conditions treated with Regenerative therapy.

Regenerative Therapy for Pain Management | Medica Stem Cells

Regenerative Therapy has helped untold amounts of people with pain management and restoring their function, mobility and improving their quality of life.

Secrets of the Professional Athletes: The Healing Power of Stem Cells | Medica Stem Cells

What is this professional athlete rapid healing secret—that isn’t so secret anymore? Introducing Stem Cells Therapy, here is how you can access it too...

Physiotherapy with Regenerative Treatment for Pain Management

Through physiotherapy in combination with regenerative treatment, you may be able to restore, maintain and improve your mobility, function and wellbeing and relieve the symptoms of joint pain faster so you can get back to an active, pain-free life.

#PRP Therapy for Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy

The researchers have compared PRP injections with the available conventional methods such as sham injection, dry needling, physiotherapy, NSAIDs, hyaluronic acid, and corticosteroids in Rotator cuff tendinopathy patients.

Use of Asprin & NSAIDS in PRP Treatment

Considering the effect of NSAIDs and Aspirin in PRP therapy, it is best to discontinue NSAIDs two weeks before and after the PRP procedure to get the best possible outcomes of the procedure.

Walk a pain-free mile! – Opt for our custom orthotic programme

Medica Stem Cells team will assess your condition and recommend an individualized orthotic protocol to assist in achieving the best possible results. By wearing appropriately prescribed orthotics, you may notice improvements day to day, especially in lower limb injuries and conditions.

Kickstart the Healing of Hip Bursitis with Regenerative Therapy!

Suffering from pain due to hip bursitis? Find out how regenerative therapy promotes the healing of hip bursitis and help you lead a pain-free life.

Ankle and Foot Pain? – Get Back on Your Feet with Regenerative Therapy!

Don’t let foot and ankle pain slow you down. Find out how regenerative therapy can help in accelerating pain relief and get you back on track.

Regenerative Treatment: An Approach to Treat Jumper’s Knee or Patellar Tendonitis

Jumper’s knee or patellar tendonitis is very common in runners. Start treatment for jumper’s knee as soon as possible after the injury is sustained at Medica Stem Cell Clinics.

Alternative Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tear or Injury - Medica Stem Cells

Medica Stem Cells offers effective alternative treatment for rotator cuff tear or injury with a faster recovery time compared to conventional treatments.

Treat Shoulder Impingement with Regenerative Treatment - Medica Stem Cells

The main cause of shoulder impingement is shoulder pain. When you lift the arm above the shoulder level, the subacromial space becomes narrow. Hence, the soft tissues, tendons, and muscles surrounding the area will become tired due to increased pressure. This extra pressure aggravates the rotator cuff, and this causes shoulder impingement. As shoulder impingement is common among swimmers, it is also called a swimmer’s shoulder.

Effect of platelet-rich plasma therapy in conjunction with physical therapy for rotator cuff tendinopathy

Regenerative treatment including cell therapy & PRP therapy can help to reduce your pain levels and offer faster recovery in a shorter time suffering from rotator cuff tendinopathy.

BMAC and Adipose-Derived MSCs Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review

Consult Medica Stem Cells for BMAC & Adipose Derived MSCs Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis at our Ireland, UK, USA & Dubai Clinics.

How Effective Is Nutrition Combined With Regenerative Treatment?

By combining Regenerative Treatment with non-invasive holistic interventions such as nutritional advice and physiotherapy, you can enhance the effectiveness of the cell treatment.

Knee Joint Pain Stem Cell Therapy UK | Knee Surgery Alternative Ireland

Don’t let your weak knee joint pain slow you down. Find out how regenerative treatment can help in revitalizing your knee joints and get you back on track.