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15 Sushi Dishes to Try in 2020

We have put together for you 15 must-try sushi dishes for the year 2020!


15 Sushi Dishes to Try in 2020

15 Sushi Dishes to Try in 2020

Over the years there have been so many variations in sushi that it has become hard to keep count. The popularity of sushi among different regions around the globe resulted in quite a few variants of the dish. It’s like every area where sushi became a hit gradually developed its own version of sushi with a unique touch of its food culture. Today, we have a number of sushi dishes, each one an interesting amalgam of traditional sushi and contemporary food cultures. We have put together for you 15 must-try sushi dishes for the year 2020!


Sushi Burrito

Good news for all the burrito fans out there. The sushi burrito is another interesting blend that you must try out in 2020. Several food chains in the US offer sushi-filled burritos to their customers. This is a twist to the original burritos, where the regular sushi ingredients are all combined inside a wrap.


Dragon Rolls

Dragon Rolls

If you don’t quite like the arrangement of the nori seaweed outside the sushi roll, then dragon rolls can be a great option for you. This form of sushi is a giant sushi roll typically filled with shrimp tempura along with cucumbers. Nori forms the inner lining of the roll while the sushi rice comes on the outside. Thin slices of avocado are placed on the top of the dish, so as to resemble “dragon scales”.



The real hassle involved in making sushi is shaping the rolls. Onigiri spares you the trouble of having to shape the sushi rolls perfectly. It is generally eaten as a quick snack and can be prepared quickly and easily. This snack food is conveniently available in stores across Japan. It is made up of rice balls, nori and can be accompanied by fillings of meat or vegetables.


Sushi Donuts

You have probably seen sushi donuts on your social feed every once in a while. Sushi Donuts is one of the trendiest dishes online. The dish constitutes of all the ingredients that you would find in regular sushi. The fun part is that the rice is molded into donut shapes and then topped with other sushi ingredients.


Sushi Pizza

Sushi Pizza

If you didn’t find sushi donuts that interesting, then try this one out - sushi pizza is a one of a kind dish having originated in Canada. The dish is a combination of two of the most loved foods around the world – sushi and pizza! The pizza base is made up of rice whereas the toppings can include a variety of fish and vegetables.


Salmon Rolls

The Salmon Rolls comprise of fish that is well-treated before it is mixed with the traditional Japanese flavors that generally include seaweed and wasabi. The dish represents the cuisines of Japan and Norway. It is both, beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.


Bacon, Cheese and Egg Sushi

Some people might find the original taste of sushi slightly bland. This is probably why there are so many variations to sushi. Bacon, Cheese and Egg Sushi is exactly what the name suggests. The dish is one of the staple foods in New York City and makes a decent breakfast. It replaces the rice, seaweed, and fish in the regular sushi with egg, cheese, and bacon.


Chicken and Cream Sushi

Chicken and Cream Sushi

A surprising, yet delicious variation of sushi is the chicken and cream sushi. You will find this type of sushi in the majority of restaurants around Russia. The Russians have taken the original Japanese sushi and given it a personal touch and flavor. The inside is filled with chicken, cream cheese and mayo. Whereas the top is dribbled with cheese.


Cheeseburger Sushi

As if we haven’t mentioned cheese with sushi already! Here is another addition to the list – cheeseburger sushi. Surprised? We were too! The concept behind this dish is to have all the cheeseburger ingredients in the form of sushi. Interesting, right? Using all the ingredients used in a cheeseburger, you may make sushi out of it!


Vegan Sushi Bowl

Judging by the list of dishes so far it’s quite evident that sushi has evolved greatly from its original style. It is now less traditional and has incorporated the flavors of the world within it. Moving ahead with the traditional flavors of sushi, our next dish is the Vegan Sushi Bowl. The bowl has all the vegan elements of sushi piled in a bowl. The meal is full of proteins and packed with healthy carbohydrates.


Rainbow Sushi Roll

This sushi dish is closer to the original sushi than any other dish on the list. The only difference between a regular sushi roll and a rainbow sushi roll is the colors. The Rainbow Sushi Roll includes an array of vibrant colors and is appealing to the eyes.


California Roll

If you are not a fan of raw fish, then the California Roll is just the right sushi dish for you. The roll is folded inside out and has a variety of ingredients within, including cucumbers, avocados, crab meat, etc.


Dynamite Roll

You may consider a Dynamite Roll as a kind of sushi roll that has been westernized. The role mainly constitutes of shrimp or prawn tempura, beans, sprouts, cucumbers, avocados, and carrots along with spicy mayonnaise and chilies. The rolls are spicier than your regular sushi and tend to have a crunchy texture.


Original Japanese Sushi

No matter what forms, shapes and sizes sushi may take – the original sushi roll will always hold its own value. Though it may be a little hard to make at home. But if you are craving some good original sushi then get your local sushi delivery services to deliver it to you right away! There is nothing like enjoying a perfect sushi roll in the comfort of your own home.


Fried Sushi

For those of you who have a liking for fried food, here’s another option for you to add to your list of favorite fried items – fried sushi! This form of sushi tastes exactly like the regular sushi, except that it has a crispy, golden coating around it to give you that amazing crunch! Fried sushi is mostly found in Thailand where the sushi roll is deep-fried in oil to give it the crunchy coating.