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7 Reasons to visit Botswana – The Ultimate African Safari

What do clear blue skies, unspoiled natural habitats and a thirst for adventure lead to? Undoubtedly the answer to this query will be Africa's safari paradise; Botswana!


The elephants of Chobe National Park

Interestingly enough, Botswana is credited with being the country that possesses the highest number of African elephants and those planning on heading over here in the near future can opt for spending some time exploring the dazzling Chobe National Park. With an estimated number touching 100,000, wildlife enthusiasts moving through woodlands, swamps, and floodplains that comprise the Chobe National Park can easily spot these majestic mammals. For the best place and time, it is recommended that the River Chobe be called by, especially during the dry winter months which run from May right through September. This is the period when large herds gather to drink, bathe and play; the ideal beginning to your wildlife safari.


Committed to conservation

The local government continues to bolster and further effective conservation mechanisms for the betterment of communities and its thriving wildlife. Making foreign nationals aware of ethical tourism practices is also at the forefront of the government. As an example, considerable importance is placed on rhino conservation with efforts been made to monitor black and white rhinos that live in one of Botswana's major attractions; the Khama Rhino Sanctuary.


Botswana houses one of the world's largest salt flats

What was once the bountiful Makgadikgadi Lake is now home to the Makgadikgadi Pan which is considered one of the largest salt flats on our planet. With nothing more than barren land here, travellers to the area would do well to schedule trips come nightfall as this is when wildebeest and zebra herds migrate. Further, the popular activity of quad biking can be engaged in across the flats should this be to your fancy.


A birdwatcher's dream destination

As Botswana has more than its fair share of floodplains, the act of going bird watching is made all the easier and enjoyable. This is largely due to the fact that the floodplains make for hassle-free viewing and enhanced navigation as thick forests and towering canopies can act as a deterrent. More than 500 species of birds have been documented in the country.


Get into a Mokoro

You may question as to what a Mokoro is? Simply put, it is a traditional dug-out canoe that is used to explore waterways that hold an abundance of species. As Botswana has some of the finest guides who are well versed in outdoor exploration, one's investment is sure to pay off. If the thought of meandering along at your own pace with only a fish eagle's call to stir you is how you want to spend your day, then hop right in.


There are numerous ways of exploring Botswana

Whether you want to scour regions near and far in the comfort of a 4 x 4, settle down in a canoe that will take you through blissful streams & lakes or set out on foot across enormous savannas, Botswana will see that your curious spirit is kindled. A guided bushman walk will more or less flood you with enough information and will have you trudging through bushlands and salt pans where you will also uncover the secrets of the bushman culture.


The focus is more on exclusivity

This applies more to the country's tourism sector than elsewhere with local authorities keen on attracting visitors towards its regions where investment is required to be made. Therefore, as opposed to playing the numbers game, Botswana's tourism industry encourages prospective travellers to live that privileged lifestyle they've always dreamed of wanting. Unmatched hospitality standards that complement luxurious & secluded getaways are the order of the day. Even for those considering any of the hotels in Gaborone Botswana as their future destination such as AVANI Gaborone Resort & Casino, an exclusive experience awaits them.