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05 Best Places To Visit In Busan – Beautiful Port City

South Korea's second largest city, Busan is a splendid coastal region which is an amalgamation of gorgeous nature parks, pristine beaches, foodie districts and modern tourist attractions. To savour the best of this fab city, listed here are the best places to visit in Busan.


Chill At Haeundae Beach

In a city loved for its gorgeous beaches, Haeundae Beach takes top place. Easily accessible from your central Busan hotel, this sandy oasis is located right at the tip of the city just 9kms from Avani Central Busan Hotel. Go there to relax and work on your tan with plenty of snooze time planned in between your lazy swims in the ocean, and enjoy a variety of modern water sports. On offer are the thrills of snorkelling, water-skiing, surfing and more. Plenty of restaurants line the area for times hunger pangs take over, where you can relax and savour a variety of fresh seafood. Oh, and do hang around for those amazing sunsets, the perfect ending to a fabulous day.


Enjoy The Exotic At Gamcheon Cultural Village

The Gamcheon Cultural Village which was once a slum is today a vibrant amalgamation of chaos and charm. A huge tourist lure, the place is loved for its maze of twisting alleys, steep streets and colourful little houses. Due to its unique nature and picturesque surroundings, the village is deemed a 'Busan Open Art Museum' and is one of the most photographed regions, perfect for your Instagram updates.


Visit The Sealife Aquarium

The Busan Sealife Aquarium is located at Haeundae Beach and is quite a large complex. The place is home to over 250 species which total to a staggering 35,000 types of marine animals which visitors can observe through the glass windows and underwater tunnels. The perfect family destination, this aquarium has several exotic species too such as piranha, jellyfish and penguins.


Explore The Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

This is Busan's only coastal temple, located at the edge of a rocky cliff overlooking the ocean. The place is a top pilgrimage site loved for its beautiful serene ambience. Constructed during the Goryeo Dynasty, it is also the oldest shrine in Busan. The temple is visited for blessings of prosperity and good health and is located at one of the most stunning spots of the beautiful city.


Relish Nature At Taejong Dae Park

Nature lovers should not miss out on a chance to explore this enchanting park made up of coastal walks, rugged cliffs, lush woodlands and vintage temples. Located on the south tip of Yeongdu-gu Island, the park is a popular tourist attraction. There you can explore the vintage lighthouse, visit the observatory unit, enjoy some fun at the amusement park and explore the terminal of a cruise ship. The most rewarding experience though, are the rugged coastal trails along the mountain paths, the stunning scenery observed from the lookout points and the pretty forests made up of exotic foliage.