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05 Awesome Things to Do in Busan – The Best of South Korea

Busan is a large port city famous for its gorgeous white sand beaches, stunning mountains and vintage temples. A holiday in Busan promises to be one to remember; from luxuriating in natural hot springs to sampling delicious food, here are some awesome things to do in Busan.


Visit Haeundae Market To Be A Happy Foody

Of all the best places to visit in Busan, you certainly cannot miss a stint at the Haeundae Market. You should know that Korean street food is a huge attraction and all self-respecting foodies should make ample opportunity for this delicious fact to sample the amazing range of goodies on offer. At this market, you are stuck for choice, which is why you should not choose, simply try it all and at less than $2 a meal you certainly can. What to try? Bindaetteok savoury pancakes stuffed with fried onions and mung beans, tteokbokki fab rice cakes served smothered in gochujang paste, red bean pastries, the very famous 'pig trotters' and cups of icy cold soju! The Avani Central Busan Hotel is just 9kms away from the market if you are looking for central accommodation in Busan.


Next, Take A Korean Cookery Class!

And why not, you certainly will want to recreate some of those delicious flavours once you get back home! Busan is home to several cookery classes where you can learn to cook up a mean ttukbaegi bulgogi much better than a plain old pasta dish and guaranteed to impress guests. The cookery classes start off with a trip to the local markets for sourcing ingredients, which on its own is quite a thrill for the tourist. Ask your Busan hotel for recommendations of the best cookery school in the area.


Relax At A Charming Little Tea Room

Tea is a huge part of the traditional Korean culture and you must experience this relaxing ritual when touring Busan. There are plenty of tea rooms to choose from, they can be cosy little nooks or large classy outlets, whichever your choice is, do sample the variety available, since Korean tea is categorised as green tea, herbal tea, fruit tea and a grain tea. The fruit teas are ideal for those with a sweet tooth and are kind of syrupy – jujube being a firm favourite.


Continue Your Foodie Journey At Seomyeon Food Alley

Dumplings and cold noodles are a speciality at this very popular food street. The road is lined with a staggering range of restaurants catering to the varied taste and offering tourists a chance to try just about every variety of Korean food. While the noodles and dumplings are the most popular choice you should visit the local market there where, if you are brave enough, you can savour boiled silk worm pupae, savoury snails and insects. Mind you visit restaurants which display prices upfront in order to avoid tourist traps.


Enjoy Nature In Busan

There are plenty of stunning locations you can visit in Busan and its best you plan plenty of day trips with help from the tour desk of your Busan resort. Some of the top places include Taejondae Park for coastal treks and mountain hikes. This park is home to vintage temples well worth exploring and a historical lighthouse which you reach by climbing a flight stone steps carved into the mountain. From lush woodlands to exotic trails Taejondae Park is an oasis of delight for the nature lover. Do check out Dalmaji-Gil Road too, a gorgeous seaside walk lined with cherry blossom trees and stylish coffee shops, which has the place being likened to the Montmartre District of Paris.