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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 10, 2020
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5 Exciting Activities you can enjoy at Bentota beaches – Rewarding times

Found en route to the southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka is the warm and beautiful locale of Bentota and provided below are illustrations of how you can get the most out of your time there.


Some seafood?

The thought of sampling some of the freshest seafood should invariably have you licking your lips with some degree of gusto. The beachside location of the town means that you will have a wealth of chances to explore inviting and nifty restaurants; some found on the beach itself where succulent clams, juicy prawns and crispy fried cuttlefish will be easily accessible. For starters, do check out the well-appointed Bentota Rock Beach Restaurant for mouthwatering specialties, prepared in ways only the locals would know.


Explore the locale by foot

What is meant by the above is that a trekking excursion in Bentota and its absorbing suburbs will leave you with a deep sense of appreciation for what Sri Lanka as a whole offers intrepid globetrotters? Therefore, get out your trusty pair of walking shoes and set about exploring every nook and cranny there is. Whether you want to stop by a local boutique for some tea or king coconut juice and perhaps, exchange pleasantries or move towards areas such as Aturuwella where Buddhist shrines can be visited; the pastime of trekking will be a good way by which one may get to know the surroundings and daily goings-on of the people.


Stay near Bentota Beach

You might be wondering why? However, there is a good reason for this statement as a majority of the activities occur either on or within the immediate vicinity of one of the country's most treasured stretches of beach. From being able to take long walks in the evening to try your hand at a water sporting activity that you always wanted to come to terms with such as parasailing, windsurfing and jet skiing; one's thirst for adventure travel will more or less be quenched by the time dusk settles on your holiday here. The area is littered with dive centers that will teach you the fundamentals of a number of water sports and thus, it is a wise move to concentrate on being on the beach itself as you will hardly be disappointed.


Engage your inner senses with some yoga

Relax your mind, body, and soul through a series of carefully thought-out exercises that would be of great benefit to you. If you haven't already gauged what this all means, then consider a yoga class or two in Bentota. Whether you yearn for better posture, relief from chronic ailments, be it mental or physical; Yoga will certainly be the answer that you will need during your travels in this part of Sri Lanka. Learn of a far more improved means of relaxing that will sharpen your focus for the betterment of your body. Make things easier by selecting a good resort Bentota has to offer travellers like you such as the picturesque AVANI Bentota Resort which caters to such needs and is also a convenient mode of accommodation in town from where you may base all your future travels from.


Include bar hopping on your itinerary

Though a far cry from what you will encounter in areas such as Colombo, the beach bars that scatter the area is well known for affording plenty of fun well into the night. With a chic and pleasant vibe in general, the range will cater to all your budgets with creative concoctions and lively music at its very core. Sound interesting enough?