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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 10, 2020
Headline for 5 Tips for throwing the perfect bachelor’s party in Thailand – For a night of epic proportions
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5 Tips for throwing the perfect bachelor’s party in Thailand – For a night of epic proportions

Don't let sweaty palms, uneasy feelings, and panic attacks get the better of you as you will certainly have to bring your 'A' game ahead of planning that all-important bachelor's party in Thailand.


Go out into streets of Bangkok

Well for starters, what you need to have is a free spirit and creative mind that will have you coming up with ideas no sooner you put your thinking cap on. Wondering where best to find some inspiration? Well, look no further than the appealing streets of Bangkok which offer plenty of opportunities for one final night out with the guys. Keeping it simple always works when thinking of things to do around Bangkok. A local pub or bar where your favourite drinks can be purchased is a good and decent bet. Although, the prospect of hiring a private bus with a choice of alcohol and buffet spread may also appear a likely means of enjoying the best night ever.


Have your own pool party

For this purpose, you will need to have access to a choice of accommodation in the likes of a hotel or resort that has its own open-air pool and deck. Facilities such as underwater speakers and free-flowing beverages are a definite necessity during this time so that you keep everyone entertained throughout. Excellent food is a must. Even choosing a catchy theme and complementing décor in line with your friend's personality will be a step in the right direction. The golden rule that must be followed is that being spontaneous trumps over any other pre-planned arrangement that you might have in mind.


Stay indoors

If it means that you can maximize your time in Bangkok while staying indoors then go right ahead. However, you can opt to settle for such an experience but still have access to a memorable night ahead. If it is a hotel that you are considering for a bachelor's, then, for example, look at AVANI + Riverside Bangkok Hotel which will more than complement your every requirement. The property's Long Bar serves up a spread like no other with, cocktails, crunchy bites and good company on its menu.


Give yourselves over to a refreshing spa treatment

Maybe a good old massage is what you and your friends need before hitting the colourful streets of Thailand. Better yet, why not consider a spa therapy session? The answer to all your queries can be addressed with the help of an authentic and heavenly Thai massage. Before coming over, it is best to make inquiries on the prices and most suitable means of delighting in such an indulgence.


Spend time in the company of the River of Kings

Perhaps this may not be your average 'go-to' option for a bachelor's night but then who wouldn't mind going beyond the ordinary? A Manohra Cruise is the way forward and one of the most sought after ways of enjoying the breathtaking vistas that a tour of the Chao Phraya River brings with it. Imagine tucking into an impressive spread whilst feasting your senses on everything Thailand. Well then, imagine no more.