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This is my list of all the skiing posts I have written on Snow Gaper

Boreal Night Skiing: The Next Big Thing - Snow Gaper

There is lots of fun to catch as Boreal offers you the luxury of skiing or boarding at the mountain resort with floodlights just above you and a beautiful soundtrack.

How To Prepare For High Altitude Skiing? - Snow Gaper

If you are reading this, it’s highly probable that you’re contemplating high-altitude skiing. Read our how-to guide to get you ready for the slopes.

Nordic Vs Alpine Skiing: Which One Is Best? - Snow Gaper

Which is better between Nordic Vs Alpine skiing you may be wondering. Don't worry we have the answer to help you decide and what we think is best.

Where Did Skiing Originate? - A Story You'll Never Believe

Where did skiing originate? When did skiing become a sport? Who invented ski racing? Did the British invent skiing? Read our post to impress your skiing buddies.

Learn Exactly How Much Snow Do You Need To Ski?

It's around this time of year that holiday goers will start thinking about organizing their yearly ski trips. The big question is how much snow do skiers need?

The Corn Snow Pocket Guide By Snow Gaper

What is corn snow? This pocket guide will explain everything you need to know about corn snow and why it's so much fun to ski and what we like about it.

Skiing During Pregnancy: Is It Safe? - Snow Gaper

Many people will argue that they shouldn't skiing while pregnant; this is because of the heightened risks of falling. But, people might not necessarily be right on this.

How Many Calories Do You Burn In A Day Of Skiing | Snow Gaper | Essential Skiing Gear & Guides

Skiing is a fun and exciting way to get a fantastic full-body workout that burns calories quickly. How many calories burned while taking part in the popular winter sport depends on the level of effort you’re exerting and your weight and body type. Downhill skiing, also known as alpine skiing, is the most common form of skiing. Downhill typically burns between 300 and 600 calories per hour. Again, how many calories are burned has a lot to do with your weight. According to Harvard Medical School, a person who weighs 155 pounds can burn 446 calories in an hour of downhill skiing, while someone who is 185 pounds will burn 532 calories during the same period. (Note: This doesn’t include time spent on the ski lift).

How Old To Start Kids Skiing? - Snow Gaper

Skiing is a great sport especially for the ones who are adventure lovers. The common question among adults are how old do you need to be start skiing?

10 Best Beginner Skiing Tips That first timers on the slopes Should Avoid

A list of do's and do not's for the skiers especially those who are beginners or skiing for the first time. Find out how to make your ski trip more fun.

Best Mountains In Oregon For Skiing, Mt. Hood Or Mt. Bachelor?

There are two famous mountains here for skiing that attract thousands of skiers every year. These mountains are Mt. Hood and Mt. Bachelor. But which is better?

Best Ski Boot Bag In 2020: Review And Buyers Guide - Snow Gaper

If your a skier or snowboarding looking for your next ski boot bag, look no further! Adventurous trips can be your escape route but having the right equipment helps.

Transpack TRV PRO Boot Bag Review - Snow Gaper

Transpack TRV Pro backpack is perfect and the numerous pockets and compartments allow you to organize the essentials properly and with ease. Read why we....

Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack Review - Snow Gaper

A great bag to carry your skiing essentials, Swix Norwegian National Team Tripack is designed to endure the rough weather of the snow-clad mountains.

Stage Basic Boot Bag Review - Snow Gaper

Stage Basic Ski Boot Bag is meant for such individuals and also for those who plan an adventure trip or skiing expedite once in a while. Find out more....

Sportube Overheader Boot Bag Review - Snow Gaper

Sportube Overheader Boot Bag is designed to fit in easily into the overhead compartments and lockers of different vehicles to carry them anywhere.

Salomon Original Boot Bag Review - Snow Gaper

The Salomon Original Boot Bag allows you to store all the ski gears in an organized manner. Store helmets, mobile phone, torch, name tags and much more.

Kulkea Boot Trekker Review - Snow Gaper

Kulkea boot bags are tailor-made for carrying ski boots and all the other essentials which convert a tedious load carrying task into a happy one. Read more.....

High Sierra Trapezoid Boot Bag Review - Snow Gaper

High Sierra Deluxe Trapezoid boot bag is a stylish ski bag with a complete travel pocket which enables you to carry all the essentials conveniently.

Dakine Boot Locker Bag Review - Snow Gaper

Dakine boot bag is as sophisticated as any ski carrier with its simple yet handy design, we consider to be one of the best boot locker bags ever!

Athalon Everything Boot Bag Review - Snow Gaper

Athalon Everything Boot Bag itself is a wide range of bags that come in exciting designs and appealing colours. It is travel-friendly, comfortable to carry and...

Thule Roundtrip Boot Backpack Review - Snow Gaper

Thule Roundtrip boot backpack is an extremely sturdy and well-structured boot bag. It is ideal for skiers to carry their helmets, socks, gloves and a jacket.

Best Cross Country Ski Gloves - Top 10 Reviews In 2020

In this review of the top cross-country ski gloves to buy on the market, in 2020. At the end of this post, you will understand which are the best and right choice for you.

Is Skiing Bad For Knees? - Top Tips For Fixing | Snow Gaper

Skiers tend to complain about knee pain, so, you are not alone if that has been your predicament. This is the post to answer “is skiing bad for knees?” and how to fix.

Best Goggles For Night Skiing: Review & Buying Guide 2020

Looking for your next pair of ski goggles for night skiing? We have reviewed and listed what to look for including VLT Rating, lens swapping and Dual-pane lenses.

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