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10 Best Thai Food in Phuket - Tantalise your taste buds with Thai Food in Phuket

Being able to try different kinds of food is one of the most exciting things about travelling and this is especially true when it comes to travelling in Thailand.


Tom Yum Goong

The national dish in Thailand and one of the most delightful dishes as well. The two main ingredients are jumbo prawns and mushrooms accompanied with a delightfully spicy and sour broth. Restaurants such as Dee Plee Restaurant is known to put forth a delicious Tom Yum Goong if you wish to try a traditional dish without the new improvements.


Pad Thai

Undoubtedly one of the most popular Thai dishes that can be found across many countries in the world due to the fine balance of tastes and the ingredients that contribute to it. The secret lies in the peanut sauce made with chilli, peanut and soy sauce which is topped off after serving.


Kuay Tiew

Kuay Tiew or commonly known as noodle soup is a popular dish for those who wish to grab a quick lunch or dinner. It is a wholesome meal with noodles, egg, the meat of your choice and a variety of vegetables.


Gai Med Ma Moung

Thailand is known to produce some of the best cashew nuts in the world so it does not come as a surprise that they have a popular stir-fried chicken and cashew nut dish that can be found easily across many restaurants. The delightful dish comes with a variety of vegetables making it the perfect side dish for steamed rice.


Kao Man Gai

This steamed chicken rice dish is a simple yet satisfying dish. The steamed rice is topped off with boiled or steamed chicken which is mixed in a coconut broth to make it absolutely delightful. This is not a dish that can be found in many locations but is definitely worth the trouble to find it.


Pancake or Roti

One sweet street food dish you will come across on the island is Pancake. Even though it is sometimes called roti it is a pancake with a sweet topping on the inside. You can select from a variety of Nutella, coconut scrapes, condensed milk, banana and chocolate.


Khao Pad

The most popular takeaway dish in Phuket is Khao Pad which is fried rice. Along with the rice comes a combination of meat, vegetables and a spicy side dish in case you would like the dish to be spicier. Depending on the vendor you can request different combinations of meat and it will be prepared while you wait.


Kai Yang

Grilled pork or kai Yang is one of the most popular street food in Phuket. There are different sauces you can select from or choose to have it fresh and crispy without a dipping sauce.


Moo Ping

Skewers can be found all over Phuket be it a street food cart, a bar, a pub or even a Thai Restaurant in Phuket. This is one dish that you will absolutely love if you love meat. Even though the skewers are mainly with pork now there are locations you can find chicken, seafood, beef and even a combination of meat on the skewers.


Kanom Jeeb

Not just a treat for the eyes but also a delightful treat for when you are shopping or sightseeing, the Kanom Jeeb is steamed pork dumplings served with soy sauce.