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Famous Siem Reap Food to Eat before you leave – Too much of a temptation!

No tour of Siem Reap would ever compete without trying out some of its heavenly cuisines which arrive in varying flavours, textures, colours and are aimed at satisfying your every craving.


Amok fish

Considered a staple in Khmer cuisine, the very appearance itself of Amok fish will surely have you licking your lips in glee after just one serving. Served in either banana leaves with toppings of coconut cream or fresh coconut itself, this delicacy which can be prepared in many ways comes across as a popular choice for foreign nationals holidaying in Cambodia. Catfish or white fish is the chief ingredient in this dish while sprinklings of salt, garlic, lemongrass, brown sugar and chilli paste feature as essentials.



Remaining on the subject of fish, Prahok is one such spread that is part and parcel of Cambodian cuisine with a tinge of tradition added. With regards to its preparation, any type of fish is first processed and thereafter, garlic, salt, sugar, pepper and cold rice are added to taste. Though, the processed fish is initially kept in the hot sun for a day after which the spices are included and kept for months in a jar. The resulting mixture can be had on its own or even used as a spice in your favourite noodles soup. Should you be looking for places to sample same, then make your way to Chanrea Dom Makara Restaurant.


Local BBQ

A Cambodian BBQ is by far one of the best types of food that you will ever be able to taste when in Siem Reap. What makes this variant of BBQ stand out from the rest is the way in which an assortment of local spices is included. The subtle usage of these spices coupled with a healthy portion of duck, squid, shrimp or pork will ensure that you leave any of the top restaurants in Siem Reap that are known for their creative takes on Cambodian fare such as the well placed Chi Restaurant & Bar extremely happy and satisfied.


Bamboo sticky rice

Made using carefully selected and finely chopped bamboo sticks that do not measure in excess of 30 centimeters each, bamboo sticky rice also features a special form of rice which is used solely for this dish coupled with salt and black eye peas. Once the above mix is added into the bamboo, coconut water is then included and then grilled over a coal fire for about an hour. While it is customary to have the sticks rotate in the above process, the final masterpiece will soon have foodies like yourself tasting the sensations of a savoury sticky rice mingling with the freshest coconut that one could ever munch on.


Khmer cake

Seen as quite the far cry to your average cake at your local bakery, Khmer cake is more or less a certainty on your list of food types to have when in Siem Reap. What appears crunchy on the outside will soon break into a soft center with every delightful and flavoursome bite. Arguably, there is no better variant of a sweet and savoury treat when in Siem Reap although, Khmer cake would sound and appear the perfect snack for every sweet tooth out there. Further, mung beans, dried fruit and taro make up this delicacy which can be easily had if stopping by some of the hawker street stalls in the area.


Jaggery sweet soup

In the mood for something extraordinary on your foodie travels? Then consider a bowl or two of jaggery sweet soup. Made with the help of cubes of finely cut potato, green beans, palm sugar or cane juice, dates and jaggery, this popular delicacy is actually best served cold with some ice to cap off a truly remarkable treat.a