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Best guided meditations for mental health , sleep & mindfulness

Find out the best articles on meditation, sleep disorders, relaxation and much more.
Our app provides guided meditations for sleep, relaxation, self-help, and mindfulness.
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How Meditation For Insomnia Can Help You Sleep | MindTastik

Sleep is one of the most important things for our health, yet sometimes it eludes us. In fact, insomnia is becoming an epidemic. Meditation Help You Sleep

Using Meditation To Lower Anxiety Levels | MindTastik

Anxiety is very prevalent in our society today. You may have heard that meditation can help with anxiety. Learn how meditation helps with anxiety

How to Start Meditation For Improved Mental Health | MindTastik

Meditation can actually help many aspects of your health from anxiety and depression & rejection. Learn how to start meditation for improved mental health

How to choose the best Meditation App? | MindTastik

Before we can succeed in obtaining the benefits of meditation by practicing a rigorous regimen of the same, we should be aware of the meaning of the term.

The All-in-One Guide to Meditation for Pain Management | MindTastik

The current trend in medical science has been to move to a biopsychosocial approach to patient management. Meditation for pain helps you manage the pain.

Mindful eating - Learn how to eat mindfully | MindTastik

What is Mindful Eating it's certainly not mainstream? If it was better understood far more people would adopt this ancient practice as a healthy

Free Guided Meditation for Relaxation | MindTastik

Relaxation is something everyone is looking in order to balance everyday life. Use MindTastik for your guided meditation for relaxation.

Free Morning Meditation to Start Your Day | MindTastik

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Mental Strain have almost become constant in today's world. Start practicing morning meditation constantly with our app.

12 Relaxing Nature Sounds to get into a meditative state | MindTastik

Are you ready to relax and listen to one of the 12 relaxing nature sounds we are sharing with you? Enjoy our collection of relaxing nature sounds daily.

A Guide to Meditation: Connecting, Destressing, Energizing | MindTastik

How the simple act of taking time for yourself to meditate can not only improve your day but your life as a whole. Stressed? What we need is meditation.

Meditation for Creativity and Focus : all you need to know - MindTastik

In a study done by the Leiden Institute for the Brain in the Netherlands, researchers looked at two types of meditation in relation to creativity and focus.