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Myths about health supplement after a workout

Separating real facts from myth can be difficult often, especially in the fitness realm. You will see that everybody you meet has an opinion, and most of the time it is based on misinformation or a rumor

Rishu health supplements: one stop solution for health supplements

If you have been doing gym for long, then your body will certainly require enough intakes of supplements. A body infused with the right amount of protein and supplement will witness a massive change over a period.

Things to keep in mind while buying a whey protein – Rishu Foods & Nutritions

If you are into regular workout, then you must have come across health supplements like Whey Protein. Every other individual who does the workout does invest on whey protein to get faster & effective results. For athletes and bodybuilders the intake of protein supplements is essential to meet the daily requirements. Whey protein is not…

Understanding the Benefits of EAA

Essential Amino Acid or EAA is the combination of nine different ingredients, which our body unable to produce on its own.

Benefits of whey protein for women

Hitting out the gym is now has become a necessity or a part of a lifestyle for many women. However, while working out it is important to have a good amount of protein intake.

Role of micronutrients in our daily life

“Micronutrients” is a term that is utilized to describe minerals and vitamins. You need to get micronutrients from your food since your body is incapable of producing them in enough quantity.

Which Supplements Can Help in Muscle Growth? – Rishu Foods & Nutritions

Nowadays, many supplements can help a person grow muscle mass if consumed correctly throughout the day, along with daily diet and workout. Also, there are many online supplement stores in India. At times, it becomes difficult to decipher the essential supplements for muscle growth, and the best store to buy these products. Therefore, we have…

5 Reasons to Take Multivitamins Daily

A person can indeed get enough daily nutrients from fruit and vegetables. But, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), an average adult should consume at least 1.5 to 2 cups of fruit and 2 to 3 cups of vegetables daily.

A Complete Guide for Test Boosters

Testosterones are the primary hormones required for gaining muscle mass, strength, and fulfilling libido testosterone requirements. Test Boosters are supplements that balance the level of...

The Biggest Myths about Whey Protein Supplements in India

Whether you have just begun your fitness journey or are in the bodybuilding business for a long time, you will always come across many myths

The Best Online Supplement Store for Buying Mass Gainers

Mass-gainers, as the name specifies, is for gaining muscle mass. Therefore, they help in gaining weight and growing muscles. They are different from all kinds of whey protein supplements because they offer more calories per scoop. Mass gainers are also not similar to weight gainers because they have more protein conten

What are the Difference between Weight Gainers and Mass Gainers? – Rishu Foods & Nutritions

Anyone with a keen interest in bodybuilding must have come across many supplements such as mass gainers, weight gainers, BCAAs, whey proteins, etc. The role of each of these products has vast differences from the others. According to Rishu Food & Nutritions, people are often confused between the usage of mass gainers and weight gainers…

  • Rishu Food & Nutritions is Indias much-recognized name offering the true fuel, power, stamina, and muscle to many individuals who desire a fit body. Incepted in the year 2006, the company provides a vast range of health & fitness nutritional supplement that is used by people who want to come in good-looking shape. These nutritional supplements work best when one does a physical workout that is, in fact, a great mantra to stay fit and healthy in today's time.

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