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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 25, 2020
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9 Best relaxing places in Malaysia you should visit – For a relaxing holiday in Malaysia

Most tourists are of the idea that Malaysia is all about adventure; the nightlife and the parties are irresistible, but the country has many spots that offer a peaceful and relaxing time.


Petronas Twin Towers

The tallest twin towers in the world, Petronas Twin Towers draw travellers who want to admire its marvel. The twin towers are a must-visit if you want the best panoramic views of the city, they are located in Kuala Lumpur. The 41st and 42nd floors are interlinked with a sky bridge, and the bridge makes travelling possible between the towers.


Tioman Island

Tioman Island leaves a completely different impression on the tourist. Visiting the island is an excellent diversion for those who want to be close to nature. Tioman Island is the combination of a lot of small islands; the island also boasts eight charming villages. Beautiful corals are wonderful to see, and monitor lizards are a frequent sight on Tioman Island. The place is also popular among divers and those who want to get PADI certification.


Melaka Historic City

If you are a history zealot who's intrigued by everything historical, you must visit Melaka Historic City. This UNESCO site is packed with museums, cathedrals and historic buildings. Melaka Historic City provides insights into Malaysia's long history.


Perhentian Island

The island seems to understand the meaning of a fun and relaxing holiday. Thick jungles, crystal clear waters, turquoise skies and white sands found on the island paint the picture of a paradise. The water is great for snorkelling, and there are fishermen who'll be delighted to take you on day tours.



Langkawi is located on the border of Thailand; it is an archipelago of a hundred islands. In 1986, the island was turned into a resort island, and it touts the likes of Berjaya Langkawi Resort. The island tempts thousands of tourist visits, and tourists appreciate the ease of finding a Langkawi resort. Its sandy beaches are a marvel to behold, and its green valleys are the dream of nature lovers.



The island Sipadan is known for enchanting vistas; it is an excellent spot for underwater photography. The waters around the island nurture abundant marine life, and the island is more like a marine park. From port Semporna, it is only an hour journey, and the divers find this island irresistible. Among the marine species you are likely to see are turtles, barracuda and sharks. The ecosystem isn't quite what it used to be, so there are restrictions on the diving possibilities; only 120 divers are allowed per day.



If you want more than just a backpacker's delight, visit Redang. The archipelago of nine islands, Redang has the look of a marine park. The island has turned into a resort island, and there are many resorts strewn all over. Watching sunrise and sunset is a popular pastime here, trekking, snorkelling and nightlife are other attractions the island is known for.


Mount Kinabalu

If you want to do something challenging and also get away from the city bustle, Mount Kinabalu offers you just what you are looking for. As it happens, this was the first UNESCO heritage site in Malaysia. Climbing the mountain really does put your strength to test, but if you manage the climb, you are going to be rewarded with stunning vistas.



Sitting on the banks of Sarawak River, Kuching is a city found on Borneo Island; the city is all about activity. Bars, restaurants and bustling markets are great fun to visit, and the riverbank is the guarantee of peaceful time. The cuisine, culture and crafts are the main highlights of Kuching.

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