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Lil’ Bubba Curb Systems | Heavy Duty Curb Equipment | Concrete Curb Machines

Lil’ Bubba Curb Systems offers a wide range of highly efficient landscape curb machines designed and tested by professionals to make modern landscape curbing much easier and faster.


Lil’ Bubba Curb Systems | Personal Dump Truck Curbing | Hustler 4WD Power Borrow

A popular choice among curbing professionals, the landscape curbing power barrow makes heavy lifting convenient and easy. It works on gas, reducing the chances of leading to back pains and blisters to the personnel engaged in the curbing task. Powered by an efficient motor, the 4WD four-wheel drive power barrow ensures a smooth and uninterrupted operation. It is designed to glide smoothly over inclines and hills. The Hustler 4WD is easy to operate and maintain.

Lil’ Bubba Curb Systems | Landscape Curb Prepping Machine | Landscape Curb Trencher

The landscape curb trencher is an ideal choice for larger curbing assignments such as parking lots, wheel blocks and a wide range of commercial installations that are filled through a concrete truck. Incorporating a 9 in. wide curbing rotor, this Viper HD+ is capable of cutting a trench measuring 4 in. deep and 9 in. wide even in the hardest clays. It features steerable wheels that make tree rings and fancy curves easily.

Lil’ Bubba Curb Systems | Commercial Curb Machines | Lil’ Bubba EPC Curb Machine

Developed to make larger curb projects quick and hassle-free, the Lil' Bubba Spitfire EP+ is ideal for wheel blocks, parking lots and various other industrial curb installations that feed on a concrete truck. Equipped with the EPC mode adapter curb machine runs the standard EP molds. The Lil' Bubba curb machine is backed by an efficient Elliptical plunger drive system that consistently scores concrete to prevent any weak or flat spots.

Lil’ Bubba Curb Trailers | Curb Trailers | Heavy Duty Landscape Curb Trailers

Designed by skilled professionals using the latest advancements in technology, the landscape curb trailers offer unsurpassed productivity. The Lil' Bubba trailers are developed to ensure a perfect weight distribution, allowing you to work with full loads. Constructed with premium-grade materials, the concrete curb trailers survive a heavy-duty usage, enduring years of trailering task. Specially designed to assist in concrete curbing, these trailers provide precise results.

Elliptical Plunger Drive | Lil' Bubba Curb Systems

The Patented Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger drive system has advanced our curb machine beyond any other curb machine on the market by helping to prevent “flat spots” and “weak areas” that cause premature cracking in concrete.

Curb Tools, Accessories | Lil’ Bubba Curb

Lil' Bubba features a huge inventory of curb parts and accessories that are developed to deliver precise results. Our curb tools and equipment includes stamping packages, color additives, hand tools and various other related hardware that assist in curbing projects. All these tools and accessories are made using premium quality materials that respond better to normal wear and tear, offering superior durability. They ensures smooth working, enhancing the comfort and efficiency of curbing professionals.

Durable Curb Equipment | Lil’ Bubba Curb

Lil’ Bubba Curb offers a wide range of curb machines and equipment that help in reducing the time consumed in landscape curbing. These curb machines assist curbing professionals in delivering the finest curbing results, they make concrete curbing easier and faster. The Lil’ Bubba concrete hardware is made using high-grade materials, that resist normal wear and tear, ensuring a longer serviceable life.

Landscape Business Opportunity | Lil’ Bubba Curb

With an experience of around three decades, Lil’ Bubba has carved a niche in the curbing industry. The brand offers the finest modern curbing solutions performed by skilled experts and professionals. We develop high-on-performance and durable curbing machines and equipment. If you are looking for landscape curbing business opportunities, you can connect with our customer support, to get all your doubts and queries answered.

LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY - Lil' Bubba Curb Business

Decorative Curbing. If you are ready to start your own home business and are seeking flexibility in your schedule and your shot at financial freedom, then you’ll want to look at the Lil’ Bubba home-based, mobile business opportunity.  With our close to 30 years in concrete curbing, our hands-on installations, certified training, support and launching new startup businesses with people like yourself, is unmatched.

Curbing For A Living | Lil' Bubba Curb

If you don’t mind working outdoors in the $99 billion dollar landscaping industry, where the demand for trained concrete curbing professionals has exploded, then we may be just what you are seeking in a home business.  Contact us,  no pressure, solid facts and information for you to make your own decision. 

Lil Bubba Curb Machine Warranty

The Lil’ Bubba® manufactured parts on our curb machines have a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser for as long as you own the machine. The non-Lil’ Bubba® manufactured parts such as the Honda engine, the transmission and the steering jacks are covered by there own manufacturer’s warranties.


Perks of Having a Heavy-Duty Curb Machine

Perks of Having a Heavy-Duty Curb Machine

As professional transportation workers and contractors, you must have heard about the wondrous curbing machines that make a roadside look clean, sophisticated and levelled in a matter of time. Essentially, such machines provide strength to the edge of the pavement and maintain the integrity of the concrete used to construct them.

The Lil Bubba EPC curb machine is one such machine that can be used to construct, design and shape large projects such as parking lots, wheel blocks or any other commercial installations where concrete is used. Read along for some benefits of such machines that can work easily even for heavy-duty applications.

Works Right on Point!

Machines like our Spitfire EPC curb machine work right on point and meet the requirements for almost all types of projects. They work for a consistent and solidly interlocked concrete arrangement throughout the structure.

Proficient and Functional

With a machine like this, you get a variety of useful features. For instance, this one has a mechanism designed with a system named the EPC Mould Adapter that can create 24” and 36” walkways effortlessly.

Clear Instructions and Maintenance

Being an experienced worker in this field, you must know that such machinery needs to be worked and maintained properly. So, this curber has a precise instructional manual with defined ways to maintain the functioning of its parts.

For a unique and clear curbing around the edges or blocks of a road, the Lil’ Bubba Spitfire EPC curb machine is one of the most efficient ones. Contact us and get yours today!


3 Reasons the Hornet EPC Curb Machine is a Must-Have

3 Reasons the Hornet EPC Curb Machine is a Must-Have

Many times, you look at pavement and realise that it’s not as clean as it should be, or it’s just working as an accident-prone area in your locality. Such areas need to be levelled so that they are separated from the road area.

The professionals in this field reduce the chances of such a problem with the help of curbing or edging the area, which provides a structure to the edge. And for such purposes, we recommend the Lil Bubba EP Curb Machine.

Here’s how this machine is the most convenient way to curb pavement, and is a must-have for such residential or commercial assignments.

Structured with the Finest Machinery
The structure of this machine is made from the finest materials and expert knowledge. It makes several processes simpler and provides a way to be creative even with a labour-intensive job like curbing.

Simplifies your Job
This machine can create up to 24” of paths and beautiful carvings and borders as close as 2” of any objects nearby. You can simply select the desired landscape bed design and make a roadside presentable.

Makes Bridging Consistent and Easy
The Hornet EPC curbing machine makes the toughest of concrete patterns clean and consistent. With this, you don’t have to worry about any weak spots throughout the structure or any risks to the people driving by.

So, now you know how the Lil’ Bubba Hornet EPC Curb Machine is, by far, a fabulous and functional machine, which you once give a try to, will make your tasks quick and easy.


Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher – Easy and Quick Dig

Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher – Easy and Quick Dig

Many concrete curbing professionals can agree the task of preparing the site for curb installation can sometimes be more labor intensive than the installation itself. The team at Lil’ Bubba® saw this too and decided it was time for an improvement. That is when Lil’ Bubba® introduced the Viper HD Curb Trencher machine. You leave your shovel and sod cutter in the truck and get the job done in less than half the time.

The Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher helps to complete each job far more quickly and efficiently. The Viper HD Curb Trencher cuts through roots up to 1” with ease, using the 9-inch cutting blade, leaving almost zero curb clean up! Powered by a Honda GX 270 Eco-Series 9 HP engine; the Viper HD Curb Trencher can push through up to 30 feet per minute helping you to lay concrete curb faster and leaving your clients happier with a clean precise installation of concrete curbing.

Main Features of the Viper HD Curb Trencher –

Minimum Clean-Up Requirement – Unlike other trenchers, the Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher leaves minimum waste behind, reducing the time you need to clean up the installation site and get you extruding beautiful concrete curbing faster and easier than ever before.

Interchangeable Rotors – With the uniquely designed fast interchangeable rotors, you will waste little time in maintaining your Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher. With unprecedented ease and speed, on the job rotor changes are now made possible, keeping you working on your curbing installation, not your machine maintenance.

Pro-Positive Steering – With the technological design of the Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher pro-positive steering, the team at Lil’ Bubba® have delivered the most effective trencher available on the market. Maneuvering through tight corners and bends is nothing to the Viper HD Curb Trencher. This gives you unmatched precision and comfort as you carve through earth in preparation for your concrete curbing installation.

Double Belt & Pulley System – The Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher, contains a durable double belt & pulley system that will assist you as you trench through tough earth and roots that would bring competitors to a halt. You want power on your side while you are preparing your work site.

Don’t forget the Lil’ Bubba® Viper HD Curb Trencher comes complete with Steel Wheels and Pneumatic Tires, that won’t go flat and keep you on task. The Viper HD Curb Trencher is a reliable and dependable on-site machine that will enhance your curbing business and help you complete more curb in less time.

Lil’ Bubba Curb Trailers | Curb Trailers | Heavy Duty Landscape Curb Trailers

Ensuring unsurpassed productivity, the Lil’ Bubba custom designed heavy-duty landscape curb trailers are mechanically balanced for perfect weight distribution and will handle years of rigorous curb business operation.

Lil' Bubba Curb Customer Services

Contact Lil' Bubba Curb today! Get answers to all your questions by simply filling a form or directly dial to our number.

About Us - Lil' Bubba Curb

It all started in 1992 as The Concrete Edge Company, installing decorative concrete curb to residential homeowners in Orlando, Florida, using a Lil’ Bubba curb machine. Today, Lil’ Bubba® is big business and has become the leading curb machine in the world – the name alone has become synonymous with landscape curbing and lawn borders.


How Patented the Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger System Helps

How Patented the Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger System Helps

The Patented Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger allows the Lil’ Bubba® curbing machines to stay ahead of the competition by ensuring there is no backup of concrete in the machines hopper. Each Lil’ Bubba® machine is specially designed to provide top-level results with a brilliant finish and detail.

About the Patented Lil’ Bubba Elliptical Plunger
The Patented Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger brilliantly prevents the existence of flat spots and weak areas caused due to premature cracking in the concrete from poor installation known to appear with the other machines on the market. The Elliptical Plunger maintains an elliptical motion smoothly moving the plunger in a forward and upward direction into the hopper, agitating the concrete to distribute the right portion of concrete consistently. This reduces waste and backup in the machine that can lead to time lost throughout a single project.

*Conclusion *
Lil’ Bubba® Curb Systems, by the Concrete Edge Company, is the most trusted name by Landscape Curbing Installers world-wide. Experienced in Landscape Curbing and Edging for over three decades now, the heavy-duty Lil' Bubba® curb machines are equipped with the latest functions and technology, always delivering the best results.


Commercial Concrete Curbing with Lil’ Bubba® SpitFire EPC

Commercial Concrete Curbing with Lil’ Bubba® SpitFire EPC

Creating commercial concrete curb with the wrong machine can add a lot of time and effort as well as decrease the profit of a contract. Lil’ Bubba® Curb Systems by the Concrete Edge Company, knows that time is money and commercial projects need commercial grade curbing machines. The Lil’ Bubba® SpitFire EPC is equipped with the latest technology and functions and its larger design has commercial scale projects in mind.

About Lil’ Bubba SpitFire EPC Curb Machine

The newly launched Lil’ Bubba® SpitFire EPC curb machine is a multi-purpose machine that making the task of commercial scale curbing efficient and profitable. Built specifically for large curbing profile shapes, decorative concrete curbs, ribbon curbs, as well as parking lot construction and custom walkways up to 36” wide.

The Lil’ Bubba SpitFire EPC is a larger version of the award-winning Lil’ Bubba® Hornet EP with larger projects in mind. Equipped with the Patented Elliptical Plunger drive system, this curb machine is capable of laying consistent concrete curbing and eliminating unwanted flat spots and weak areas created by inferior machines. The Lil’ Bubba® SpitFire EPC curb machine works efficiently on an incline and is fitted with the additional hand brake for safety and precision.


Curb Machines with the Patented Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger: A Surefire Way to Create Something Solid

Curb Machines with the Patented Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger: A Surefire Way to Create Something Solid

Just imagine just two months ago you spent hours deciding how to create the perfect garden edging and then more hours in actually creating it. Now after only a few months you’re already seeing cracks to the beautiful work, frustrating right!?! Of course it is, after all your effort to lay the best looking curbing, you want it to stand up to the elements. Rest assured, this won’t happen with Lil’ Bubba® Hornet EP and SpitFire EPC, both equipped with the Patented Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger, designed specifically to prevent the pitfalls that come from other machines on the market. However, before we start flaunting our very success, you should understand what the reasons for cracks in curbing can happen.

Even with the best practices and proper techniques, it is unrealistic to expect flawless concrete installations every single time. To avoid any early-age cracking, Lil’ Bubba® curb machines are designed to help you achieve the best results and the Lil’ Bubba® Elliptical Plunger System assists in this endeavor by laying smooth even portions of concrete seamlessly foot by foot cutting both waste and room for errors to a minimum.

What Does This Patented Lil’ Bubba Elliptical Plunger Do?
The Lil’ Bubba® curb machines work in a unique, circular motion producing a consistent flow of concrete avoiding any weak areas and/or unwanted flat surfaces. The elliptical motion aids the plunger with a smooth upward and forward extraction of wet concrete from the hopper to then lay even portions in molded fashion on to the previously prepared ground. This repeating agitation of the concrete avoids “bridging” while ensuring portion controlled distribution with a smooth work flow. Even distribution also decreases down-time for maintenance and increases profitability of each project, time and time again.


Highlight Your Garden’s Curves With the Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP

Highlight Your Garden’s Curves With the Lil’ Bubba Hornet EP

If you take pride in the appearance of your garden and love innovating designs that both aid the health of your landscape and offer significant curb appeal, then the Lil’ Bubba® Hornet EP is the exact machine you need in your landscaping arsenal. Great for creating decorative concrete curbing, custom concrete walkways, or even small retaining walls for both form and function, the Lil’ Bubba® Hornet EP is the leader of its class. Trusted by industry professionals world-wide, the Hornet EP is considered the gold standard in both residential and commercial curbing communities.
The Lil’ Bubba® Hornet EP can traverse an incline with ease while still maintaining precision that can not be achieved under the best circumstances by other machines on the market.

*Patented Elliptical Plunger Drive System is the Hero *
The Lil’ Bubba® Spitfire EPC comes complete with patented Elliptical Plunger drive system, designed to keep a smooth upward and forward extraction of wet concrete from the hopper to then lay even portions in the molded fashion on the previously prepared ground. This repeating agitation of the concrete avoids “bridging” while ensuring portion controlled distribution with a smooth work flow.