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Dive the underwater

Diving from A Boat: Techniques for Beginners – Elcsantarosa

When you first learn to dive, the majority of your time will be spent on pool at the scuba centre. This is where you will learn your very first lesson, practising the basics of scuba diving, to having the scuba test for your certification. In places like Bali, your very first open water dive will be conducted on a shore, where you will walk from the descending shore and slowly sink to the ocean. This is actually the most comfort way to start a diving journey for most beginners. However,  diving from a boat—which come naturally for some divers—could be quite blood-tingling for those divers who start their dive from the shore. 

How to Have Scuba Diving Holiday in Bali with Non-Divers! | Schoolvolunteersnyc

When the love of your life doesn’t share your love to the ocean, arranging a couple holiday could be a little bit complicated. Maybe they do, but some major reasons prohibits them to explore the depth of the ocean. Either way, the two of you would need a lot of compromises to make. You need not only think about then type of diving you want to do and all sort of the dive planning, but also how to keep your partner happy and genuinely enjoying their holiday. Luckily, Bali Indonesia is one of the perfect place in the world to cater both moods. Divers would love the warm water, high marine diversity, and plethora of dive sites to choose during the scuba diving Bali holiday. Meanwhile, the non-diving partner would enjoy historical temples, cultural immersion, good foods, all kind of amusement parks, and of course, a good deal of shopping spree. 

What You Should Know Before Diving in Bali | Massautomation-global

Whether you are a big fan of Finding Nemo or simply having lots of love towards the ocean and the marine life inside, you can’t deny the attraction of ecploring the underwater. And that’s probably been in your mind when you planned a trip to Bali. This Island of God is not only rich with vibrant culture, rice paddies, and temples on the land—but also mesmerizing tales from under the sea. Historical shipwreck, mysterious Japanese shipwreck, rare and bizzare Mola Mola sunfish, fascinating wall dive, and lots of other amazing thing make up Bali’s sea bed. Diving in Bali will always left you almost at lost of words. Scuba diving is undeniably popular in this tropical island and here’s some important things you need to think of before taking the plunge.

The New Normal of Scuba Diving in Bali

Scuba diving in Bali on the new normal post the coronavirus would be different. Travelling overall would be different. There are so much guidelines and health protocols to be followed—for everyone’s safety. And this is just a bit of new-normal scuba diving Bali situation that you need to prepare.

The Spectacular Three Wreck Diving in Bali | Garyhooper

Submerging down to the darkness of the sea and seeing immense body of wreckage lying in the ocean floor really evokes a wonder. Shipwrecks is really a fascinating attraction under the sea. In the yonder years, wreckages of a ships was always associated with stories of sunken treasures—motivating treasure seekers to explore deepest water for finding gems and valuables. Today, the most valuable treasure of wrecks is the coral blooms that take over the ship, the marine animals that call it home, and the story of the wrecks that inspire a sense of awe. Wreck diving has been one of the most popular thing to do in Bali. If you’re a diver, the Tulamben, Kubu Boga, and Japanese wrecks should sit in the top of your Bali bucket list. Here’s some of the best tips to make your wreck diving Bali experience unforgettable.