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Exciting things to do in Desaru – For a different sort of Malaysian holiday

If the idea of "getting away from it all" is on the top of your list of priorities whilst holidaying in Malaysia, then the area referred to as Desaru in Johor would definitely come to your rescue.


Call by the South Asia World Port Crocodile

Imagine being surrounded by crocodiles wherever your gaze may seem to wonder? Well, not to put any traveller off but such would be the experience when one decides to visit the South Asia World Port Crocodile which is found at Telak Sengat, Kota Tinggi, Johor. Comprising a vast number of these species out of which saltwater crocodiles appear in the majority, wildlife enthusiasts are sure to want to get to know these surroundings better. Thrown in are opportunities to understand the ways of crocodiles in general coupled with a once in a lifetime chance to actually pet one. The latter will not be offered at your average conservation center but this premises is anything but average and takes you (if only willing) on a journey where the intricate details of these species will be showcased. The facility is open all 7 days from 9 am to 6 pm.


Its ostriches all the way!

Get up close and personal with the largest bird ever to set foot on earth at none other than the Desaru Ostrich Farm. Time spent at the Farm paves the way for an educational as well as quite the insightful experience where the behavioural patterns and a whole lot more of these birds can be learned of. As part of the tour, travellers like you will be able to inspect ostrich eggs and hatchlings. Thus, when making the decision to head to Desaru, things to do such as visiting this farm will feature prominently on your average travel itinerary to this section of Malaysia.


Is it time for a fruity adventure?

Well, perhaps it is! For the scenery within the comfy confines of the Desaru Fruit Farm which is also placed within an hour's reach of Anantara Desaru Coast Residences will soon have you falling head over heels with the place. Although picking any of the 100 varieties of fruit here is prohibited which is quite the damper, the prospect of walking under and beside an abundance of greenery and colour will surely lift your spirits, even if you are having a bad day. What's more? The orchards that comprise the farm open out into awe-inspiring vegetable & herb gardens too with a separate honey farm readily available for your escapades.


Spend a day at Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark

For one almighty splash in the company of your family or best mates, consider a day out at the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark. Recently included in Malaysia's delightfully engaging list of amusement & theme parks, the Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark covers 100,000 sqm and in turn, houses in excess of 20 attractions that would appeal to all ages. Once inside, you can determine the pace at which your journey will commence and this can mean starting off in quite the laidback fashion at the Penawar River ride or opting for the action-packed 'The Tempest.'


Stop by Muzium Nelayan

Want to know everything there is to how a local fisherman conducts his daily business? Then focus your attention towards Muzium Nelayan where a treasure trove of information and artifacts all lie in wait for the curious mind. The museum is divided into 5 areas that mainly zone in on the types of equipment that fishermen use, old shipwrecks, communication methods of fisher folk and geological rocks. Therefore, for an absorbing history lesson on Malaysian fishermen, consider investing time at this museum which has now entered its 28th year of operation.