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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 03, 2020
Headline for 5 Reasons why Desaru, Johor is the best place for your next vacation - A guide for the avid traveller
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5 Reasons why Desaru, Johor is the best place for your next vacation - A guide for the avid traveller

If you are wondering where to go on a long holiday, or even just a short 3-day getaway, here are some of the reasons why you can opt to go to Desaru.


Take a look at the fruit farm

The Desaru fruit farm is a place you must explore if you are the kind of person that loves to spend time amidst greenery. You will find many large trees and brightly coloured flowers in this monumental Malaysian agricultural and theme park. More than 100 kinds of fruit grow here to this day. Apart from these fruits, you will also be able to take a look at the miniature zoo that is home to a group of exotic wildlife. You must remember that you are not allowed to pluck any of the fruits during your exploration no matter how hungry you are. The opening hours for this fruit farm are from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.


Learn more about the Ancient Malaysian lifestyle

If you and your family are going to be staying at a centrally located hotel the likes of Anantara Desaru Coast Resort & Villas, you will be glad to know that the attraction is not that far from where you will be staying. This building is dedicated to the fishing community of Malaysia and has four galleries under its roof. The main gallery is the one that showcases the geography and the one which gives you details of the waters in Desaru. The 2nd one is about the safe waters' gallery, while the third gallery displays all the shipwrecks in the area. The final gallery is quite a special one and is also a display gallery. Make sure you keep aside a few hours for this place on your itinerary of Desaru attractions.


The South Asian Crocodile World

Not everybody likes looking at these scary and seemingly dangerous reptiles, but if you are the odd one out and the kind of traveller that has an interest in these reptiles, you might want to take a look at this park. This park has different types of crocodiles and you will also be able to hold, snuggle and play with the baby crocodiles while you are here, if you want to, that is! The young ones will surely cherish this experience.


The Desaru Ostrich Farm

Being yet another unique place to take a look at in Desaru, this ostrich farm would be a fun trip to make with your friends and family. Like in the earlier park, here also, you will be able to pet the baby ostriches. The mammoth size of these ostrich eggs will have you in awe and this is definitely something you must see for yourself to believe. Keep in mind that these are wild animals, thus, however chummy they seem to be, it is better to keep a safe distance when you are looking at the adult ostriches. The ostrich farm is open from 10 am and shut at 6 pm every day.


The local scene

When in Desaru, make sure you spend plenty of time walking around the area on foot as this is one of the best ways to mingle with the locals and learn more about the place you are holidaying in.