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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 22, 2020
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A guide to living and working in Singapore - A must-read!

Are you moving to Singapore any time soon? Wondering how to work and live there? Well then, without further ado, this guide will help you figure out how to work and live in the Great Singapore.



If you are considering moving to Singapore, you have made a good choice. Many ex-pats relocated to this country as it offers a comfortable lifestyle making it all the more popular. Before you make a big move, make sure to look for good accommodation that is centrally located where commuting to work will be convenient. For instance, you can check out co-living in Singapore. Places like lyf Funan offers spaces where you can live with like-minded people.



It is quite easy to integrate into the local society as Singapore is very diverse. There are many people living here, coming from various backgrounds making it a multicultural and multi-ethnic society. Besides, the cultural mix makes it an interesting place to live in as well. It will give you a good insight into other cultures, neighbourhoods, lifestyles and traditions too. Your lifestyle is going to get considerably 'richer'.



There are many job opportunities you can consider in this beautiful country. This city-state has numerous opportunities in many sectors and industries. You can easily learn about social security, business etiquettes and the local economy of Singapore on the Internet. Dedicate a little bit of your time to understand the nature of businesses and industries in this country so that you can easily integrate into it once you arrive in Singapore. Being familiar is key!



If you are going to be in Singapore a lot longer, you wouldn't want to come all alone leaving your families behind. If you are going to get homesick and will like your family to travel with you, you are in luck! The government of Singapore does offer ex-pats and even foreigners who are coming to this country with valid work passes various options where they can bring their family along with them. Therefore, you do not have to be too worried about moving to a different country all alone leaving your wife and kids behind.



This city has a great transport system. The public transport here is very convenient and efficient which makes it quite hard to argue about owning vehicles and driving on your own. Besides, as an ex-pat, you might be quite taken aback at the mountain of costs incurred for buying as well as maintaining cars here in Singapore. Therefore, the public transport system, which is a hundred per cent efficient, could be in the best option to ward off these costs as well as traffic.



Singapore is well known in Asia to have excellent healthcare facilities. In fact, people around Asia do head out to Singapore for treatment of adverse medical conditions. There are around 12,500 medical practitioners here in Singapore. You can easily find family doctors, emergency services, local primary care facilities and so much quieter easily, without any hassle.