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Top Things To Do In Maldives – Archipelago Of Romance And Adventure

Are you setting out to the tropical archipelago of Maldives? Well then, here is a list of top things to do in the Maldives. You will be surprised to learn the Maldives is not all about sun, sand and surf. There's plenty more to do and experience across the sunny islands!


Scuba Diving Is A Must

Scuba diving is one of the most popular things to do in Maldives. And it's no surprise since the archipelago offers world class dive spots across the 26 coral atolls. Diving experience is not necessary. Most tourist earn diving skills at dive schools located at the luxury Maldives resorts. Many like Reethi Faru Resort, help new comers get acquainted with the sport. And really, it's a life changing experience to discover the amazing underwater world of Maldives. If you are a professional diver, then look forward to never before experienced encounters in the Maldives. Swim with the giant whale sharks, watch the manta ray circle above you and discover magical coral formations.


Snorkel In The Maldives

Snorkelling is the easiest water sport to enjoy in the Maldives. Good enough swimming skills, a snorkel and fins are all you need. As most private island resorts in the Maldives are surrounded by a house reef, all you do is swim out from the beach of your Maldives resort to the closest reef. Snorkelling is a popular family activity in the Maldives and very rewarding. Watch out for pretty coral formations, lots of colourful tropical fish, a lazy turtle and maybe even dolphins.


Indulge In Island Hopping Tours In Maldives

The Maldives for many presents a whole new culture and way of life. When there, don't miss out on a chance to experience both the tropical splendour of the islands and simple lifestyles of the Maldivian people. Island hopping tours are ideal for this. On these tours you get to visit the uninhabited islands, explore the interiors, picnic on the beach, swim and snorkel in the ocean. Next, you will head out to the nearest local island. There you can meet the locals, chat with the friendly elders. Maybe watch a fresh catch being dragged out of the ocean and if lucky get invited to a local house for a home cooked traditional meal.


Explore The History, Heritage And Attractions

The Maldives is a 100% Muslim nation. And when there you must respect the conservative culture. You must also, visit the historical sites. Hukuru Misski or the Old Friday Mosque dating back to centuries is a treasure. The oldest mosque on the islands, its built from pink coral stones. Has Arabic inscriptions on its walls and is decorated with beautiful wooden carvings. There's a cemetery at the back of the mosque which is the final resting place for past sultans, kings, queens and national heroes of Maldives. You can visit Male, the capital island. There explore the markets. Shop for souvenirs and gifts. Stop at the traditional tea houses for local snacks and tea. Chill at the manmade beach of Maldives and check out the traditional fish market. There's more, but that's for you to discover!


Indulge In A Dhoni Sunset Cruise

Dhoni is a traditional wooden boat in the Maldives. The luxury resorts in the Maldives offer guests a chance to book a sunset cruise on these vessels. Enjoy plenty of romance on the tours as you head into the ocean against a setting sun, and sky aglow in a fiery orange! Dhoni sunset cruises can be topped up as champagne and dinner cruise too!