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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 22, 2020
Headline for The Rising Trend of Co-Living Spaces -The new way to live!
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The Rising Trend of Co-Living Spaces -The new way to live!

You must have come across the term co-living and wondered what it was. Well, it is the latest trend that has been embraced by the youth and here in this article we will find out more about it.


Fact 1: Co-Living

The first question to address is, what is co-living? Co-living, as well as co-working, are two terms that are quite similar in nature. They two concepts are based on collaborations and a sense of community which takes on a novel approach towards daily activities. Around the world, co-living spaces have introduced an option for co-working too, making it all the more ideal. They may not be the exact concept, but they do share some similar aspects creating an environment where you can find people living and working of similar interests.


Fact 2: Popularity

So why has co-living gained such popularity around the world? Well, who wouldn't want to live together with people who share similar thoughts and interests? It is much easier to live among like-interested or like-minded people. The popularity is mainly due to people wanting to be with others who share similar ideologies. Other than that, it can help reduce financial burdens, offer support, engage in group work, and also create a sense of family and belonging.


Fact 3: Exploring

There are thousands of co-living spaces all around the world. For instance, if you are looking for short stay apartments you can try out lyf Corporate in Singapore. It's not only common in the west, but even the eastern countries are also exploring this kind of community living. Most of the spaces offer all the amenities and services you will require in your day-to-day life including laundry, gym, swimming pool, game rooms and so on.


Fact 4: Safety

So, is it considered safe? Well, to begin with, this kind of living is quite new in the market and is only starting out. Therefore, concerns related to scams and safety is valid. But then again, when Airbnb and Uber came out, they were considered new and odd. And now it has exploded the hospitality industry and one cannot live without these facilities. Your fears and questions can only be answered through thorough research. Even when looking into such spaces, make sure these are standard and legitimised businesses and not by ones that look a bit shady. When you visit a potential home, explore the spaces and think about how you would like to live here on a day-to-day basis. If it fits your imagination, it will fit your life too.


Fact 5: Future

So, is this kind of living the future? There has been considerable research which has been conducted and one significant study says one in three millennials who are under 25 years did own a home by 2018. These numbers are actually quite low compared to the previous generations. Therefore, how people visualise traditional homes are going to change in the future and co-living spaces will be more common than expected.