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Updated by Joanna James on Feb 20, 2020
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10 Must Try Dishes in Maldives- Experience the warm hug that is Maldivian food!

Food is life and we all know it! The feeling that comes over you as the tropical aromas of scrumptious dishes mix together when in the Maldives is simply indescribable! It's simply magical- for the lack of a better word! Here are 10 different dishes we would recommend you try when in the Maldives.



This is one of the most traditional dishes that you will come across in the Maldives. It's a fragrant fish soup usually cooked with fish, water and salt. Generally served with lime, rice, chillie and onions, the dish is a creamy concoction of coconut-ty goodness!


Mas Huni

Served with a side of grated coconut, lemon and onions, this shredded and smoked Tuna dish is an absolute of the locals for breakfast, and we completely stand by! It makes an excellent accompaniment to be served with Roshi- a chapati-like flatbread.



If Chapati served with a side of Mas Huni wasn't good enough, get this- Masroshi is a chapati stuffed with a delicious paste of smoked tuna and coconut with a generous helping of curry leaves to hit the high note!


Bis Keemiya

Falling ambiguously between a samosa and a spring roll, Bis Keemiya is a rather interesting dish in case you were wondering. It is essentially a pastry filled with tuna/hardboiled egg, sliced onions and gently sautéed shredded cabbage. It makes for an excellent snack.


Boshi Mashuni

This is quite the unusual salad that anyone in their life would come across. Falling somewhere between a salsa and a salad, Boshi Mashuni is a crunchy, shredded banana flower and fresh coconut mixture. To further the taste and aroma, curry leaves, turmeric and cumin are added along with spices, lime and Maldivian chillie to give it that 'kick' factor!


Fried Yams

Considering the terrain of this country, yams are few of the crops that can be successfully grown in the Maldives. Hence, yams are quite the popular food here. Diced in the long matchstick formation and fried to perfection, we guarantee potato chips got nothing on these yummies!


Maldivian Live Lobster

Did you know that lobster tastes at its best when cooked alive? Its texture becomes such that it simply melts in your mouth and leaves an ultimately unique taste! Now, getting a hit of this luxurious dish is one thing in life that you would regret missing out on! Period! Some of the best restaurants in Maldives, for instance, the seafood restaurant of Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives standby to provide you with an outstanding seafood dining experience.


Saagu Bondibai

Sago makes a vital component in the Maldivian diet. So, of course, you have got to try this sago pudding. It is a rich porridge made by warming ago with coconut milk and lacing it with condensed milk. To add some flavor to this creamy delight, some cardamom and rose water is added. Try it once and you will know why the Maldivians love their sago!


Reef fish Cutlets

It's true what they say- anything fried is made with love. Specifically, more so in the case of reef-fish cutlets, you can feel the love in every bite of it! The popular reef fish is marinated in Tandoor masala and deep fried after a coat of rich batter and served with coconut and mint chutney. Now tell me you didn't feel all that love?



This is more of a snack rather than a dish. These are small bite-sized dumplings made with Tuna fish, onions, chilli and grated coconut. It tastes simply outstanding when freshly baked and served along with tea or coffee!

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