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US State Initials

Here's our list of content regarding the US state initials and abbreviations.

United States Abbreviations (US State Initials)

Here's a list of all 50 state abbreviations and postal abbreviations. In 1963, the US introduced ZIP codes to accompany state postal codes, state postal codes are the two-letter United states abbreviations.

Georgia State Abbreviation and Georgia Postal Abbreviation

The Georgia state abbreviation is probably as simple as it comes regarding the US postal abbreviations as it's the first and last letter of the state : GA.

Florida State Abbreviation (Florida Postal Abbreviation)

The Florida state abbreviation is easy to remember when it comes to US postal abbreviations as it requires the first two letters in the state’s name: ‘FL’.

Texas State Abbreviation and Texas Postal Abbreviation

The Texas state abbreviation is made up of the first and middle letter of the word, an easy one to remember as it reads as: ‘TX’.

Alabama State Abbreviation and Alabama Postal Abbreviation

The Alabama state abbreviation, like many others, is fairly straightforward and easy to memorize being the first two letters of the state's name: ‘AL’.

Alaska State Abbreviation and Alaska Postal Abbreviation

The Alaska state abbreviation is made up of the first letter in the state's name and the second to last letter in the name: ‘AK’.

Connecticut State Abbreviation and Connecticut Postal Abbreviation

There is some confusion when it comes to the Connecticut state abbreviation, people assume that it's the first two letters of the name like other states.

Colorado State Abbreviation and Colorado Postal Abbreviation

The Colorado state abbreviation is made up of the first and second letters of the name, easy to remember for future purposes as it reads as: ‘CO’.

Arizona State Abbreviation and Arizona Postal Abbreviation

Some might assume Arizona would have the postal abbreviation of ‘AR'. However, this isn't the case, the Arizona state abbreviation is: 'AZ'.

California State Abbreviation and California Postal Abbreviation

The California state abbreviation is made up of the first two letters in the word ‘California’, much the same as other state abbreviations, it reads: ‘CA’.

Delaware State Abbreviation and Delaware Postal Abbreviation

The Delaware state abbreviation is easier to understand than most others, all you need to memorize is the first two letters in the states name: “DE”.