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Video SEO Tips For PUBCON session

I'm speaking at Pubcon New Orleans on Video and Viral Multimedia Social Optimization:

I'm going to build a list of potential topics I want to cover to help people optimize their videos with the latest techniques.

If you have any tips please feel free to add them to the list.

You can also rank the list. That will help me organize the best points.


Statistics - YouTube

Created in 2007, we now have more than a million creators from over 30 countries around the world earning money from their YouTube videos

YouTube Keyword Searches & Queries Part of Google Trends

Google Trends now has YouTube searches going back to 2008. You want to know when certain topics are trending? Go to Google Trends and enter in some search terms. It's a good way to figure out some tentpoling opportunities, or just spending time analyzing good old-fashioned data.

YouTube Hits A Billion Unique Views A Month

In the 8 years since YouTube has been with us, it's grown to be the second largest search engine in the world and the biggest online video portal by many a country mile. It's YouTube's world, we just live in it and now that fact has been confirmed by YouTube itself with the announcement that they have hit a staggering 1 Billion unique views every single month.

The Top 10 Countries in YouTube Viewership Outside the USA [INFOGRAPHIC]

In terms of total viewership on its top 100 channels, the biggest country for YouTube is still far and away the United States. However, YouTube is seeing big gains in viewer and subscriber growth in the rest of the world.

57% Of Online Consumers Have Confidence In Product Videos [Report]

A new study from video distribution service Invodo and Ecommerce consultants e-tailing confirms that there is an increase in the amount of consumers who feel more confident in buying a product or service after watching a demonstration video before they purchase.

Does Video with Obvious Fakery Detract From Overall Execution? Pepsi MAX and Jeff Gordon "Test Drive" Ad

What if you created a fake viral video?

A new Pepsi MAX ad with Jeff Gordon in disguise taking a car salesman for a reckless spin has gone immediately viral. The problem is, once you know the legal wrangling that has to take place for a stunt like this to go off without a hitch, it immediately becomes apparent that it's a fake prank.

5 Secrets to YouTube Search Engine Optimization

Sage Lewis | November 2, 2010 | Comments When you think of search engine marketing, we live in a much bigger world than just Google, Yahoo, and Bing. At the Search Engine Strategies Conference in Chicago, I sat in on sessions for YouTube and Facebook search optimization.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos - YouTube SEO - ReelSEO Presentation

This is a very thorough presentation on YouTube Video optimization by Mark Robertson. - The following is my presentation detailing optimization tips and marketing tips for YouTube videos. I presented this at the Dallas Fort

Creating a Video Sitemap - Webmaster Tools Help

You can use the Google Video extension to the Sitemap protocol to give Google information about video content on your site. You can create a new Sitemap based on the Sitemap protocol, add video infor

Building a Video SEO Strategy

This is an interesting discussion that includes the importance of video rich snippets:

Videos for conversion should also almost always be self-hosted or hosted with a secure third-party solution, rather than put on YouTube. Why? Because these videos should invariably also be used to get rich snippets and drive additional traffic to the "money pages" of a website.

Youtube videos will not give you rich snippets back to your site. And links with rich snippets get a higher click through rate.

The core tactics of technical Video SEO are pretty easy to pick up. You can read through the bulk of what there is to know about getting rich snippets, optimizing for YouTube, and driving links back to your site within a couple of hours.

Creating Video Sitemaps for each Video Hosting Platform | distilled

This is a good tip at the end: "WordPress users can also use the Yoast Video SEO plugin to get pages ranking with rich snippets for embedded YouTube videos."

The TL:DR of getting pages indexed with a video rich snippet is " submit a video XML sitemap ". Unfortunately, this advice is not much use for the majority of users, who host their content with external providers or social video platforms and are then forced to work out whether or not their hosting service does this for them, and if not, how they should create and structure a video sitemap for their specific circumstances.

Video SEO for WP * Video XML Sitemap WordPress plugin * Yoast

If you use video's on your site, in your posts or pages, you don't want the search results for those pages to look bland like any other result, do you? No, you want them to be video results, so they catch the attention of the searcher more, rank better and thus get you more visitors!

InVideo Programming - YouTube Help

InVideo Programming is a feature that enables you to embed a chosen video or your channel logo across all of the videos on your channel.

Associated Website Annotations - YouTube Help

Associated Website annotations provide verified partners who are in good standing a way to annotate to their associated websites directly from their videos.

Youtube Analytics Traffic Sources

You might find where people are finding your videos interesting.

Custom video thumbnails - YouTube Help

If your account is older than 30 days and is in good standing, you may have the ability to upload custom thumbnails for their video uploads.

Video Search - Webmaster EDU - Webmasters - Google Developers

Add markup directly to the HTML of your video page. The markup will not be visible to users and will not affect how your page looks. When Google crawls your page, we'll use this information to index your video.

Sage Lewis' Video Search Engine Optimization Presentation

This is my video SEO presentation I did for Pubcon 2013 in New Orleans.