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Updated by Shama Parween on Feb 20, 2020
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Best mattress Online

Buy mattress online with 10 years of manufacturer warranty period and Shipping cost is free. Wakefit mattress gives 100 days free trial period also on all variety mattress. Every night get a stressfree sleep with the best mattress brand in India.

Facts about sleeping with your love - Wakefit

This Valentine’s Day read the most interesting co-sleeping facts to make your ritual of sleeping with your loved one more special

Ways to improve sleep when you share your bed - Wakefit

Sharing your bed with the person you love is an experience many couples gush about, and rightly so. It is one of the most intimate expressions of love, and we couldn’t agree more

Get latest blogs on mattress, pillows, sofa

In today’s post, we will discuss a sleep disorder that is not as well-known as sleep apnea or sleep-walking, and therefore should be given attention to

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for sleep - Wakefit

CBT is today being used with the goal of better sleep to help deal with sleep disorders, particularly insomnia.

Wake up without an alarm clock, here’s why - Wakefit

The alarm clock is a part of numerous productivity listicles. Most people consider a morning where you are jerked out of sleep by an alarm shrieking into the silence as a prerequisite for productivity. Many sleep experts today, however, reject this line of thought. In this post, we discuss some of their sleep tips

Top Benefits Of Purchasing A Mattress Online - Wakefit

This article will tell you all about the different benefits of purchasing a mattress online from top mattress manufacturing companies like Wakefit. Many websites often have special sales and discounts for popular mattresses like foam mattress during the shopping season

Sleep inertia What is it and how does it affect you - Wakefit

One of the ways to sleep better is by investing in a good mattress. Looking for the best mattress for sleep disorders? The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam mattress has a lot to offer.

Exploring the connection between sleep and creativity - Wakefit

Sleep benefits us in a number of ways. From our bodily functions to our cognitive abilities, good sleep has a positive effect on it all.

Is sleep deprivation and weak immunity connected - Wakefit

Poor sleep patterns adversely affect our immune system causing us to get sick more and often. Before we go into the sleeping tips that will help you fight sleep deprivation in order to improve your immune system, let us find out more about how lack of sleep affects immunity.